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Bootleg: Crowbar at Bloodstock Open Air Festival!

Every year Bloodstock Open Air Festival becomes the gift that keeps giving as the organisers share pro-shot full sets between events. This time out they’ve offered up a classic, 45 minutes of Sludge Metal from genre pioneers Crowbar is not only just what the doctor ordered but also exactly what the event is all about.

Bootleg: Infected Rain in Brussels Belgium!

Ahead of their appearance at this summers incarnation of Bloodstock Open Air Festival, Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain have shared a pro shot full set from AB box in Brussels Belgium. A celebration of their new album “Time“, the near 43 minutes of multicam action includes “A Second Or A Thousand Years“, “Because I Let

NEWS: Nameless twist and contort…

Delving into the tumultuous aftermath of a narcissistic and volatile relationship, exploring the complex emotions of feeling like the antagonist despite the intense love and resentment involved, new cut “Shapeshifter” from Bloodstock survivors Nameless runs deep. Following in the footsteps of Loathe, they have risen to prominence with a genre-defying sound, blending the raw energy

Review: “Earth Mover” by Callous Hands (3rd Anniversary)

Stepping into the DeLorean beside Doc Brown, we hit 85 miles per hour and heading back to review a record which took Coventry Groove Metal beasts Callous Hands to the New Blood stage at Bloodstock having finished as runners up in Metal 2 The Masses. Recorded with Neil Hudson (Phobetor, Disinherit, From Eden To Exile)

Bootleg: Fit For An Autopsy at Bloodstock!

From the Ronnie James Dio main stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in Catton Park, Derbyshire, England last summer, a pro-shot full set from American Post-Deathcore purveyors Fit For An Autopsy is a timely reminder of just how important the festival is. From “A Higher Level of Hate” to “Far From Heaven“, this is 45

NEWS: Imperium announce a ten ton hammer of shows!

Having already announced their intensions to reduce Oxford to rubble in November at the sixth incarnation of Rabidfest, Imperium have laid out plans for a whirlwind of shows up and down the United Kingdom in March, April and May making it four festivals for the year thus far. All of these dates are of course

Bootleg: King 810 at Bloodstock Open Air Festival!

As we all know Bloodstock is the gift that keeps giving throughout the year with pro-shot live sets shared by the organisers from the previous years incarnation, one of those little things that makes a huge difference. This time around they’ve given us the set from King 810 who used all the barbed wire they

NEWS: Desert Storm to wage war upon Europe once again!

Progressive Sludge Metal masters Desert Storm have announced the second leg of a European tour trek for their current album “Death Rattle“. The Oxford heroes skillfully avoid a home town show as the majority of the run takes place throughout April, while the metaphorical jewel in the crown will find them at this years incarnation

Playthrough: “Seed Of Death” from Nervosa!

What do the bassist and backing vocalist of Symphonic Black Metal band W.E.B., the vocalist of Death Metal band AfterBlood, the vocalist and bassist of Black Metal band Christfuck and Darcode have in common? They’re all the same person, Hel Pyre. She has was announced as the new Nervosa bassist in March 2023 and has

Exclusive Inteview: Vanitas look back at the past year part #1!

It may sound like a cliché but rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Verb The Noun and Aramantus with a mutual love of vast spanning JRPG soundtracks Vanitas coined their own genre with their sound when they appeared on the scene in 2022. After releasing their self titled debut EP the Birmingham based Cinematic DJent