Track Review: “Carousel” by Spoiler

“This is a track of grief and loss, a tragic story portrayed from the view point of a mother who lost her young child. Carousel is the analogy to represent the cycles of grief which any victim of loss will go through. From upset, to anger, depression through to denial – Carousel is a feeling of being trapped on a devastating ride of emotions that you feel will never end” ~ Spoiler

The third of four singles scheduled for a 2022 release, “Carousel” is the seventh deadly sin of the fledgling career of Spoiler. A band comprised of musicians with a rich past who conduct alchemy by blending Modern Metalcore with influences of Nu-Metal and Deathcore. Signed to Blood Blast Distribution, the imprint label of Nuclear Blast, with each single they have grown in stature and confidence. Never afraid to experiment or take a risk while at the same time staying true to the roots of their sound in a fine balancing act that a trapeze artist would be proud of. From rap screams to bloodcurdling death growls, guitarist turned vocalist Will Cattanach has delivered with his range but is he up to the challenge of a lyrical narrative which requires delicacy?

Rich textures of sound in vibrant programming provide the canvas on which Spoiler paint their picture, a raw and emotive performance from vocalist Will Cattanach capturing the sober nature of the piece with a haunting, gritty and very real quality. Make no mistake, “Carousel” isn’t a style shift but it showcases an entirely different dimension to the bands sound as they are able to take that delicate, soft, dull ache and amplify it by building atmosphere and creating something monstrously huge. As the clean vocals rise up into the uncleans with power and presence without any loss of energy or feeling, instead growing fiercer, like the demon inside the mind of the protagonist as she rocks back and forth in the corner of the room, talking to herself. Heavier sections tempered with feeling are perfectly weighted with the final breakdown section a skull splitter that captures the lyrical narrative to perfection. A track darkly dramatic and brutally effective, “Carousel” is very much the Woman in Black of the Spoiler collection, drawing those emotions from you and making you feel part of the tale with its captivating qualities. Lyrically it feels as if the feelings have been felt and are being told from another perspective so as to protect from the grief while still being able to tell the tale, such is the power and intensity of what the band have created [9/10]

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