Track Review: “Stigma” by Kvilla

When you hail from a city renouned for Slam and Beatdown, landing a blow with a Blackened Hardcore sound could be considered going against the grain. But for Sean Ossoway (Vocals), Ryan Leigh (Guitar), Adam Peeroo (Bass & Samples), and Andrew Nestor (Drums) who formed Kvilla in 2019, it was the variety of influences rather than the scene that lead to the formulation of their sound. They cite Converge, Cradle of Filth, and Deafheaven as having the most impact on them and that is something that shines through on the half an hour of abrasive power that is their debut EP “The Ward“. That was released in November 2020 and since the band have recruited Josh Stead as a secondĀ  guitarist, seeking to give themselves a broader and thicker sound…

…before starting their next chapter however they have returned to the first track proper on “The Ward” for a music video, chosen because the band see it as an introduction piece and have used it to introduce their new second guitarist in style. The track is a crushing dark oddessey of murderous intent in vengeance lyrically with a swirling plague wind of atmosphere and an undercurrent of meloncholic tones sonically (not to mention Ossoway’s larynx troubling unclean vocal tones which are pure Evil) that is mirrored in the video itself. Foreshaw Media have done a fantastic job of bringing the bands masked theatrics to life with a wealth of striking imagery and mood lighting, demonstrating the power of the music video in creating something that only serves to enhance the track and grab the viewing listeners attention. Kvilla have created their own hell [8/10]

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