Review: “Death To All Tyrants” by Nihilist Death Cult

When it comes to mouth watering prospects, on paper at least, “Death To All Tyrants” by Nihilist Death Cult is the equivalent of a wagyu beef. An outfit formed in 2018 by Nick Sagias on bass and vocals (Tribe of Pazuzu, Soulstorm, Overthrow, ex-Pestilence) and his brother John Sagias on drums (Soulstorm, Abyss) along with guitarists Ethan Bolduc (Jaww, Abyss), and Rick Kowalski (Soulstorm, Bound By Defiance), their prior convictions speaking for themselves. Then you have the fact that the record was recorded and mixed by former Cancer Bats guitarist Scott Middleton and that is all the convincing anyone should need to check this one out…

The fusion of Hardcore Punk, Death Metal and Thrash is the basis for the Nihilist Death Cult sound as they Napalm the ear drums with nine cuts in fourteen minutes of razor sharp incendiary madness. Pick slides and a bass bleed out is the old school opening that sets the tone before the rampage begins, Sagias spitting blood and venomous hatred for all he sees, putting the World to rights and holding the powers that be to account from the very first moment. “Obey & Consume” finds a couple of fretboard smoking solos adding some swagger to the brutality of the rhythmic percussion battery, breaking things up nicely without giving an inch on the attitude or approach. Blast beats then destroy everything on “Wake Up!” and you can just picture Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta in the pit for these cuts, a breathless circle pit spinning the room for an an entire restless and relentless set. Influences from Poison Idea, Cro-Mags and even Nails paint the walls of this one blood red even before the ripper of a solo on “Imperium” slices and dices like a Ninja food processor. The sheer energy levels are absolutely insane as each track hits like a right hook from a prize fighter without pausing for breath, each one a laser guided missile that screams through the air before exploding on impact and bringing with it a dark undertone and soul crushing atmosphere. Then it’s gone, faster than a speeding bullet, leaving you in a state of shock and awe… [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Hunting For Prey
  2. Follow The Money
  3. Obey & Consume
  4. Wake Up!
  5. Death To All Tyrants
  6. Imperium
  7. Is This Progress?
  8. Ready For War
  9. You Get What You Deserve

Death To All Tyrants” by Nihilist Death Cult is out 2nd December 2022 with pre-orders available over at bandcamp

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