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NEWS: “Chemical” bliss with The Devil Wears Prada?

Perhaps the San Diego California Metalcore quartet The Devil Wears Prada were a surprise on the bill with Loathe and Gideon supporting Stray From The Path on their December European Tour. But new album “The Act” is a mighty interesting proposition so if you like new single “Chemical” then check it out. Most Doctors recommend

Bootleg: Loathe at Upsurge Festival!

When will we get a new album from Loathe? We’ve had a split and a two track single via SharpTone Records since “The Cold Sun” and those 4 tracks including “White Hot” and “Gored” ooze quality. Maybe during their shows in December with Stray From The Path we’ll get news of an early 2020 release?

Documentary: MSRY Making “Loss” parts #1&2!

It’s been an incredible year for Oxford Hardcore Punks MSRY. Third EP “Loss” is on the way on 8th November and features a pair of singles out now in “Still Breaks My Heart” and “Guilt”. Being huge Cancer Bats fans and not only getting Liam Cormier on the EP but sharing a stage with him

NEWS: Gideon get “2 Close”?

It’s going to be interesting to see if Alabama Hardcore crew Gideon perform new single “2 Close” during their European Tour with Stray From The Path in December. The track is one from their upcoming 11th October album “Out Of Control” and sees Drew York share the microphone…

Playthrough “Fortune Teller” from Stray From The Path!

Stray From The Path sticksman Craig Reynolds has been practising for the bands upcoming European Tour with Loathe, Gideon and The Devil Wears Prada in December with Architects and Sylosis Guitarist Josh Middleton filming a series of playthrough videos. “Internal Atomics” will be appearing on 1st November so here’s a preview in the form of

Playthrough: “Kickback” from Stray From The Path!

….with audio mixed by Sylosis and Architects guitarist Josh Middleton, Stray From The Path sticksman Chris Reynolds has laid down a drum playthrough video for the freshly ground coffee that is “Kickback”. It’s not going to be long now before they not only land the right hook of “Internal Atomics” but also the left handed

Bootleg: Loathe at Fury Fest!

Pro-Shot by Sean Pitcam at Manchester Rebellion on 13th April at Fury Fest, here’s a full set from Loathe. It includes new song “Gored” as well as “Dance On My Skin” and “White Hot”. They’ll be joining Stray From The Path, Gideon and The Devil Wears Prada in December, which is the kind of pre-Christmas

NEWS: Stray From The Path call for “Actions Not Words”!

Alternative Hardcore crew Stray From The Path have gone old school with their cover art for 1st November. That’s the date “Internal Atomics” promises to fry your brain with guest appearances from Brendan Murphy of Counterparts and Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan threatening lighting bolts in the storm. To get you warmed up for that,

NEWS: Gideon don’t Sleep!

Alabama Hardcore heavy hitters Gideon will be joining Stray From The Path upon our shores in December and bringing with them material from “Out Of Control” that is ticking in your basement like an unexploded WWII… You get the drift. That will be out 11th October via Equal Vision Records with single “Sleep” getting the

Documentary: Stray From The Path “Internal Atomics”!

The Kerrang Magazine series “The Art Of The Record” with Producer Will Putney takes in his work on the upcoming new Stray From The Path album “Internal Atomics” in its latest episode. We get to see the band write lyrics and record vocals for the album that is due out on 1st November, before the