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Bootleg: “Second Death” from Stray From The Path!

Filmed at Logo in Hamburg Germany on 22nd December, here’s Stray From The Path ripping through “Second Death“. They’ll be in Australia in the not too distant future, continuing the World Tour for “Internal Atomics” and spreading the word. Would it be controversial to say they could be more relevant than Rage Against The Machine

Bootleg: Stray From The Path in Lakewood Ohio!

Is it possible to choose between “Subliminal Criminals” “Death Is Only Real” and “Internal Atomics” as to which is better? in 2019, MSRY frontman Kial Churcher picked the first of that trio for our Under The Influence series and he made some damn fine points on why he loves that record. For us, “Internal Atomics”

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Albums of 2019!

Carlsberg take the Moto “Probably the best beer in the World” into their advertising campaigns, then these are probably the best albums of 2019. On our eyes at least and remember kids, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man’s silk purse is another man’s sow’s ear. 2019 was a fantastic year in

Riff Police! Pull Over! #83: Stray From The Path Vs Deftones!

Back in April 2015 Rock Sound Magazine celebrated their 200th issue by putting together “Worship And Tributes”, a compilation of covers seemingly taking it’s name from the second Glassjaw album “Worship And Tribute” from 2002. The compilation is notable for both the eclectic mix of band covered and also bands doing the covering while having

Bootleg: Stray From The Path in…

We’ve shared sets filmed from Loathe, Gideon and The Devil Wears Prada courtesy of Snakebite TV this weekend. All three bands were supporting New York Hardcore act Stray From The Path as they tore across Europe in support of new album “Internal Atomics“. We were lucky enough to catch all four at O2 Academy Islington

Review: “I Cared Once” by Returner

Not for the first time of late we’ve looked at a bands name or song title and wondered if it’s taken from something else we’ve heard before. In the case of Düsseldorf Germany residents Returner who cite their influences as being  Counterparts, Stray From The Path and I Prevail, it seems that the name of

NEWS: Loathe chart “Aggressive Evolution” AND announce NEW album!

A cryptic social media post from Liverpool’s finest Loathe earlier this week simply said “3”. The answer to the question “What doesn’t it mean?” wasn’t “No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative … it gets the people going!” But “Friday!” as a lyric video for a brand new along “Aggressive Evolution” has appeared

Interview: Stray From The Path Vs Counterparts!

Drew York and Tom Williams from Stray From The Path took on Counterparts Brendan Murphy in a game of Trivia for The Noise… The subject being each other! Both bands have not only toured together but also dropped albums on the same day! They will be following each other to Europe with Stray From The

Bootleg: “Second Death” from Stray From The Path!

Mixed and Mastered by Architects guitarist Josh Middleton, the second of The Noise exclusive “Rooftop Of Riots” performances from Stray From The Path sees them play “Second Death” from their brilliant new album “Internal Atomics“. Is it a contender for our Top 5 albums of the year? Who knows? But one thing is for certain.