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Review: “I Cared Once” by Returner

Not for the first time of late we’ve looked at a bands name or song title and wondered if it’s taken from something else we’ve heard before. In the case of Düsseldorf Germany residents Returner who cite their influences as being  Counterparts, Stray From The Path and I Prevail, it seems that the name of

NEWS: Loathe chart “Aggressive Evolution” AND announce NEW album!

A cryptic social media post from Liverpool’s finest Loathe earlier this week simply said “3”. The answer to the question “What doesn’t it mean?” wasn’t “No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative … it gets the people going!” But “Friday!” as a lyric video for a brand new along “Aggressive Evolution” has appeared

Interview: Stray From The Path Vs Counterparts!

Drew York and Tom Williams from Stray From The Path took on Counterparts Brendan Murphy in a game of Trivia for The Noise… The subject being each other! Both bands have not only toured together but also dropped albums on the same day! They will be following each other to Europe with Stray From The

Bootleg: “Second Death” from Stray From The Path!

Mixed and Mastered by Architects guitarist Josh Middleton, the second of The Noise exclusive “Rooftop Of Riots” performances from Stray From The Path sees them play “Second Death” from their brilliant new album “Internal Atomics“. Is it a contender for our Top 5 albums of the year? Who knows? But one thing is for certain.

Interview: Stray From The Path talk to The Noise!

The Noise have been lucky enough to not only land an exclusive interview with Guitarist Thomas Williams and Vocalist Andrew “Drew York” Dijorio from Stray From The Path, but also an exclusive performance of single “Kickback” which sees Brendan Murphy of Counterparts reprise his role from the new album “Internal Atomics“. Simply Amazing!

Bootleg: Stray From The Path at Chain Reaction!

The success of Stray From The Path following the game changing “Subliminal Criminals” has been nothing short of phenomenal and new album “Internal Atomics” keeps them at the top of their game. They’ll be in Europe in December and as of 25th October, more than half of the shows on the trek are sold out.

Bootleg: Stray From The Path in Atlanta Georgia!

If you haven’t heard the new Stray From The Path album “Internal Atomics“, rest assured that it’s a contender for our top five albums of the year. Reprising his role in the album version of “Kickback” in the live arena, Stray are joined by Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy in cut from this trio filmed at

Bootleg: Stray From The Path at Audiotree!

So it seems that Stray From The Path had their Audiotree stream cut due to technical issues part way through the session with a trio of videos appearing of different stages and the audio sync being out on a pair of those. One however, which may get pulled and replaced at a later date, sees

Bootleg: Chamber at Chain Reaction!

Nashville Tennessee is a place that most of the Globe calls the home of Country Music. But there is more to the place than line dancing and Stetsons as Metallic Hardcore act Chamber will tell you. The quintet have been on the road with Varials, Stray From The Path and Counterparts of late so Pro-Shot