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NEWS: Osiah and Monasteries announce shows for October!

… Combining Silence with Loss and with one show still to be confirmed, Northern Deathcore heavyweights Osiah have announced a headlining run with Manchester’s Deathcore Monasteries in October that will start with  both bands joining the likes of Martyr Defiled, Inhuman Nature and Helgrind in Derby…

NEWS: Devil Sold His Soul April 2022 shows!

Having completed the tracking for their major label debut album “Loss” a year ago today, Devil Sold His Soul have lined up their first headlining tour in something like five years for April 2022. Before then however they will be headlining the Ant Allen memorial show with Landscapes, Feed The Rhino, Palm Reader, Death +

NEWS: Osiah get jaded in the Ominous Mind?

Northern Technical Deathcore Kings Osiah have celebrated the release of their new album “Loss” via Unique Leader Records with a music video for one of the standout cuts on the release in “The Ominous Mind (Jaded Inside)“. The band have got a wealth of shows lined up with their performance at Oxford’s Rabid Fest being

NEWS: Osiah deliver the Punishment!

Another of 13 brand new lacerations from North East Technical Deathcore titans Osiah has surfaced ahead of their 7th May follow up to 2019’s “Kingdom of Lies“. The single has been given the title “Temporal Punishment” and follows the previous firecracker “Eye Of The Swarm” that saw Ben Duerr of Shadow Of Intent drop guest

NEWS: Devil Sold His Soul to The Narcissist?

The premier of “The Narcissist” from Devil Sold His Soul is the rub your eyes in disbelief moment to follow the fact that the band have been signed by Nuclear Blast. The song is going to feature on “Loss“, a new album set to release via the label on 9th April 2021 having been produced

Review: “Loss” EP by MSRY

Since their last EP “Safety First“, Oxford Hardcore Punks MSRY have been joined by bassist Harvey Lake and grown from trio to a quartet with the axis of vocalist Kial Churcher, guitarist Charlie Bishop and drummer Kier French all sticking together since day one. “Loss” is now the bands third studio EP and their first

Documentary: MSRY: The Making Of “Loss” Parts #3 & #4!

Oxford Hardcore Punks MSRY gave us an exclusive interview and insight into their 8th November third studio EP “Loss” last week and have been busy putting together the making of featurette over the last few days. The EP features a pair of already released tracks with “Still Breaks My Heart” featuring a guest vocal appearance

Interview: MSRY talk to Local Distortion!

During the Castlefest Weeknd in Luton, Oxford Hardcore Punks MSRY took a moment to chat to Local Distortion about how their cover of “My Plague” by Slipknot came about with Metal Hammer Magazine and how their love.of Canadian Hardcore Punks Cancer Bats flourished into sharing a stage and Liam Cormier appearing on “Still Breaks My

Documentary: MSRY Making “Loss” parts #1&2!

It’s been an incredible year for Oxford Hardcore Punks MSRY. Third EP “Loss” is on the way on 8th November and features a pair of singles out now in “Still Breaks My Heart” and “Guilt”. Being huge Cancer Bats fans and not only getting Liam Cormier on the EP but sharing a stage with him