Under The Influence #79: Panssarituho on “Suomi Finland Perkele” by Impaled Nazarene!

The third studio album from Finnish Extreme Metallers Impaled Nazarene was recorded in July 1994 at Tico Tico studios in Kemi Finland with producer Ahti Kortelainen and was the last to feature both Luttinen brothers and to this day Mika Luttinen remains the sole remaining original member of the group. For most of their history, Impaled Nazarene has focused on Finnish nationalism as a source of lyrical themes and inspirations with “Total War – Winter War” from this very record about the Soviet-Finnish war in 1939 and 1940 while blending Black Metal aggression with Hardcore Punk speed to create a raw and abrasive sound.

Panssarituho comment: “We talked about it and there was many bands that are our favorites. Bands like Slayer, Deicide, Death and so on, but this one jumped right out and was selected to be our choice. Impaled Nazarene’s “Suomi Finland Perkele”. This was the album that blew the lid off! As youngsters hearing this kind of music it just hit right away. This was the real deal with no apologies given from first seconds to the very last. It’s fast. It’s raw. It’s mean. It’s rock and roll? And with a “ballad” too? With themes ranging from war and apocalypse to satanic rites and hell raising rock and roll it truly made a young kid mosh his neck sore. Terrifying vocals, absolute mad slamming drums, driven guitars and that bass that is just insane. To this day it still holds it’s place the same way as we were young, long haired punks getting hammered drunk. It’s a classic album you can rock out with your tambourine! Let’s f***ing die!!”

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