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NEWS: Panssarituho call forth the demons of war!

Following the release of their last album “Loputon teurastus” (endless slaughter) in 2021, Finnish Old School Death Metal act Panssarituho have thrown out a third single of the year. So that’s “Teurasmarssi” (Slaughter March), “Madantynyt” (Putrid) and “Syvalle Haudattu” (Buried Deep) as the psychological warfare continues with a hint of Thrash, an Old School Punk DIY

NEWS: Panssarituho continue the death march…

A year after the endless slaughter of their debut album “Loputon Teurastus“, Finnish Death Thrash masters Panssarituho (“Armor damage“) have premiered a new single titled “Teurasmarssi” (or “Slaughter March“). Once again it has been accompanied by a music video featuring old black and white War footage of  what must be considered their mascot in the Tank.

NEWS: Panssarituho set the tempo of the damned!

“Death Metal from Finland. We do our stuff with hint of trash, punk and old school attitude. Not political, no ideology. Just f***ing aggressive metal” ~ Panssarituho After a pair of demo EPs the beginning of the summer saw the Finnish Death Metal trio drop their debut album “Loputon Teurastus“, each of which is adorned

NEWS: Panssarituho get baptizm of fire!

Uncompromising Finland Death Metallers Panssarituho (or “Armor Destruction“) dropped a pair of War themed three track incendiary demos from their B52 in 2020 with the mantra “No ideology, no politics, no bulls***, just pure f***ing Metal!“. That ethos has served them well alongside their DIY work ethic and they have returned with “Tuleen Kastetut” (or “Fire Baptized“)

Review: “Demo” by Panssarituho

Panssarituho (or “Armor Destruction“) are a Death Metal from Finland who like to incorporate hints of Thrash and Punk with old school attitude. They swear that they have nothing political and no ideology in their lyrical content; they say they create nothing but f***ing aggressive Metal. Created by Extermus (ex-Ruindom) on Guitar/Vocals and bassist Invicto,