Under The Influence #29: Miscreant on “The Death Card” by Sworn In!

The Death Card” is the debut album from Grayslake Illinois Metalcore act Sworn In. Having formed in 2011 they signed for Razor & Tie after the success of their debut EP Catharsis” and the record’s release was preceded by a video for the first single “Snake Eyes“. Spawning five singles between 2012 and 2014, almost uniquely all the music on “The Death Card” was composed by then drummer Chris George, who switched to guitars 7 years later. Vocalist Tyler Dennen who departed the band in 2018 inked the lyrics.

Miscreant comment: “‘The Death Card’ is one of the most important albums that influenced the beginning of Miscreant. This album was one of the first albums that had such an amazing consistency to the record. It’s dark, emotional but knows when to pack a punch. It’s more than an album it’s an experience. It has a lot of dark stories but really stretches to giving the listener an emotional rollercoaster. The music could even be considered sinister. To summarise… ‘The Death Card’ is a very important record to highlighting the darkest parts of the human mind and emotionally talking about subjects we’ve all endured at some point in our lives. Listen to it.

Dancing With Fear” by Miscreant is out now via Stay Sick Recordings


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