Under The Influence #80: Mountain Hermit on “No Hope, No Light… Only Death” by Isolert!

Dedicated to the memory Michael Kotouzas, “No Hope, No Light…Only Death” is the debut full length album from Greek Black Metallers Isolert. Released in 2016 following a three track demo “Isolated Soul” which appeared a year prior when the band were more of a solo project of multi instrumentalist Jason Kasioptas, it sees Dødsferd vocalist Wrath lend his throat to “Empty Memory (Hate For Mankind)” and isn’t for the faint hearted.

Mountain Hermit comment: “Ali the Owl loves all the 90s old school albums. I started listen to Black Metal 5 years ago, when I had the chance to attend a live in my hometown between Oletir, Isolert and Dødsferd. The band that got my attention not only because of their appearance but also because of the songs. It was their debut full-length album “No Hope, No Light…Only Death” for me it’s one of their greatest records. Some riffs got into me and the whole feeling of a frozen atmosphere, it was something I couldn’t ignore

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