Under The Influence #50: HellgardeN on “The Law” by Exhorder!

New Orleans Louisiana quintet Exhorder are one of those bands who are cited as one of the creators of a sound and style of Metal but never really profited from it. Originally getting together in 1985 as a Thrash act, they developed their style from their debut “Slaughter To The Vatican” in 1990 to their sophomore album “The Law” in 1992, creating the Groove Metal sound that like likes of Pantera, Lamb Of God and Machine Head were made famous for. A 9 track affair with a cover of “Into The Void” by Black Sabbath slap bang in the middle of it, it’s refined nature is Worlds apart from its raw and aggressive predecessor. It’s finest pair of moments are arguably¬†“Unforgiven” and “I Am The Cross” which are jaw dropping and slick, even if the album suffers in the mix in places. It took another 17 long years for Exhorder to release another album. After a couple of lengthy hiatuses they finally inked a deal with Nuclear Blast for a third studio record and “Mourn The Southern Skies” was born in 2019.

This album! Certainly all of us at HellgardeN have been influenced a lot. We covered Exhorder in the beginning to add those techniques and sounds to our music. Now they’re back and we can’t wait to do a tour with these guys” comment HellgardeN

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