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NEWS: Konvolted Toss A Coin To Your Witcher?

Featuring guest vocal appearances from Kyle Thomas of Exhorder and Jordan Gazeau of Cure For The Ghost, Sliptrick Records have released “Human Reification” by their latest signings, the multi national Groove Metal quintet Konvolted. Mixed and mastered by Rich Gray (Annihilator, The Swarm, The Midgard Project) at Gray Matter Audio in England, the band have

Review: “Human Reification” by Konvolted

Mixed and mastered by Rich Gray (Annihilator, The Swarm, The Midgard Project) at Gray Matter Audio in England, “Human Reification” by Konvolted finds the band a truly international collective, uniting musicians from Italy, Poland, Germany, Ukraine and Finland that started life in 2021. That not being Worldwide enough, guest vocals from the legendary Kyle Thomas

NEWS: Overkill prepare for surgery…

Wrecking necks since 1980, New Jersey Thrash overlords Overkill have shared their second new cut in three years with one called “The Surgeon” which follows the live debut in December at Ruhrpott Metal Meeting Festival in Germany another called “Wicked Place“. Both will appear on the bands twentieth studio album “Scorched” which will drop via

NEWS: Exhorder find love in sacrifice?

The Law makers Exhorder are the latest to throw at us a music video for a performance of a cut from the compilation “Love Me Forever“, an A List celebrity tribute to Motorhead with their rendition of “Sacrifice“. Curated by the organisers of Psycho Las Vegas and with vinyl editions available for pre-order here, the

NEWS: Creeping Death take on “In The Name Of Tragedy”!

Including renditions by Exhorder, High On Fire, Eyehategod and a myriad of other legends, a new compilation album is on the way titled “Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead“. Recorded during last year’s Psycho Las Vegas as a tribute to the patron saint of the event, the late great Lemmy Kilmister it will appear

Bootleg: Exhorder at Brutal Assault!

The 23rd incarnation of the finest gathering of Metal Heads that the Czech Republic has to offer, otherwise known as Brutal Assault Festival in 2018 saw the return of New Orleans Louisiana Groove oriented Thrash act Exhorder with vocalist Kyle Thomas the last original member standing. The new line up were preparing the ground for

Review: “Iced Earth” by Iced Earth (30th Anniversary Edition)

Back in August 1990, Iced Earth entered Morrisound Studios to record their debut self titled album with producer Tom Morris in Tampa Florida. The studio had been around since 1980 and during the years that surround this very album, it was where bands like Cannibal Corpse, Death, Decide, Exhorder, Morbid Angel to name but a

Interview: Exhorder chat to Ola Englund!

Recorded at NAMM but kept back until now, the latest episode of the “Coffee with Ola” series in which guitarist Ola Englund (Feared, The Haunted) meet up with various heroes sees him interview Marzi Montazeri of Exhorder and Phil Anselmo and the Illegals, to chat about those bands his new signature Solar guitar, The Priestess…

Under The Influence #50: HellgardeN on “The Law” by Exhorder!

New Orleans Louisiana quintet Exhorder are one of those bands who are cited as one of the creators of a sound and style of Metal but never really profited from it. Originally getting together in 1985 as a Thrash act, they developed their style from their debut “Slaughter To The Vatican” in 1990 to their

Review: “Pushing Through Somber Depths” EP by Exist Among

Unleashing their self titled album in 2017 with the tag line “Exist Among churns out doomish bone crushing music. No gimmicks. No bulls***. Just in your face heavy f***in tunes“, the Long Island New York trio of Marc Morello (Guitar and Vocals), Scott Casey (Bass), Thomas McCrone (Drums) set their stall out with seven cuts