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Bootleg: Exhorder at Brutal Assault!

The 23rd incarnation of the finest gathering of Metal Heads that the Czech Republic has to offer, otherwise known as Brutal Assault Festival in 2018 saw the return of New Orleans Louisiana Groove oriented Thrash act Exhorder with vocalist Kyle Thomas the last original member standing. The new line up were preparing the ground for

Review: “Iced Earth” by Iced Earth (30th Anniversary Edition)

Back in August 1990, Iced Earth entered Morrisound Studios to record their debut self titled album with producer Tom Morris in Tampa Florida. The studio had been around since 1980 and during the years that surround this very album, it was where bands like Cannibal Corpse, Death, Decide, Exhorder, Morbid Angel to name but a

Interview: Exhorder chat to Ola Englund!

Recorded at NAMM but kept back until now, the latest episode of the “Coffee with Ola” series in which guitarist Ola Englund (Feared, The Haunted) meet up with various heroes sees him interview Marzi Montazeri of Exhorder and Phil Anselmo and the Illegals, to chat about those bands his new signature Solar guitar, The Priestess…

Under The Influence #50: HellgardeN on “The Law” by Exhorder!

New Orleans Louisiana quintet Exhorder are one of those bands who are cited as one of the creators of a sound and style of Metal but never really profited from it. Originally getting together in 1985 as a Thrash act, they developed their style from their debut “Slaughter To The Vatican” in 1990 to their

Review: “Pushing Through Somber Depths” EP by Exist Among

Unleashing their self titled album in 2017 with the tag line “Exist Among churns out doomish bone crushing music. No gimmicks. No bulls***. Just in your face heavy f***in tunes“, the Long Island New York trio of Marc Morello (Guitar and Vocals), Scott Casey (Bass), Thomas McCrone (Drums) set their stall out with seven cuts

NEWS: Siberian Meat Grinder “Immolate Them All”!

Siberian Meat Grinder maybe making us wait until 2020 for their next album but at least they’re giving us a taste with “Immolate Them All”! The band, who were one of the highlights of last year’s Perseverance Tour, have Tony Lindgren (Exhorder, Bloody Hammers) to thank for the mix.

Interview: Exhorder talk NOLA Metal Scene!

Thrash Metal legends Exhorder have spoken to Nuclear Blast about the state of the New Orleans Los Angeles California Metal scene in this new interview in the wake of new album “Mourn The Southern Skies” popping it’s cherry. They’ll be sharing stages with a host of awesome bands including Road Mutant when they arrive with

NEWS: Underside get “Wild”!

Nepalese Metalcore band Underside have used the services of Jens Borgen (Sepultura, Exhorder) to mixed and master “Wild”! The new single will no doubt be aired live as the band trek across Europe with Betraying The Martyrs on a run that includes Submit Fest in Holland!

Bootleg: Road Mutant at Upsurge Festival!

Starting early on day #2 of the second incarnation of Upsurge Festival at London’s New Cross Inn were Road Mutant, who incase you missed it, will be joining Exhorder in Manchester in October! Their second EP, “Red Zone Tapes Vol. 1” was just a week old but it didn’t stop them from playing the new

NEWS: Exhorder Mourn October!

October will see New Orleans Classic Thrashers Exhorder make a quartet of stops upon our shores with 20th September seeing “Mourn The Southern Skies” dropping courtesy Nuclear Blast! Add to that the Manchester fans getting treated to Road Mutant opening the show and it’s an absolute winner! 7th London, Camden Underworld w/The Bleeding, Blahsphemer 8th