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NEWS: HellgardeN end a chapter acoustically!

Mastered by Joel Wanasek (Machine Head, Monuments), Brazilian Groove Metal act  HellgardeN have brought to an end the era of their 2020 album “Making Noise, Living Fast” with an acoustic re-telling of “Believe in Yourself or Die” from the record. Rebranded “BYD“, it finds them joined by Victor Prado on cello with the suggestion in

NEWS: HellgardeN return with “Evolution or Destruction”!

Booze fueled Groove Metallers from Brazil inspired by Pantera otherwise known as HellgardeN have returned to “Making Noise Living Fast” for a music video Directed and Edited by Guilherme Dorini for “Evolution or Destruction“. Shot in classy black and white and featuring numerous news reel snippets of total annihilation, it’s a fantastic way to start

Playthrough: “Learned to Play Dirty” by HellgardeN!

Brazilian Groove Metallers HellgardeN have put out a neat little bio for their drummer Matheus Barreiros alongside a playthrough video for “Learned to Play Dirty“, shot at General Music Studios in Botucatu, Brazil in glorious black and white by Guilherme Dorini. “Matheus (born June 12, 1995 in Ribeirão Preto) is a Brazilian drummer. The musical

Under The Influence #50: HellgardeN on “The Law” by Exhorder!

New Orleans Louisiana quintet Exhorder are one of those bands who are cited as one of the creators of a sound and style of Metal but never really profited from it. Originally getting together in 1985 as a Thrash act, they developed their style from their debut “Slaughter To The Vatican” in 1990 to their

NEWS: HellgardeN see ghostly figures…

When you’re possessed by the noise of Pantera after Whiskey, Weed and Slayer it’s goddamn electric. So you form a band called HellgardeN and record an album by the name “Making Noise, Living Fast“. Throwing everything but caution to the wind, the Brazilian Metallers have dropped a lyric video for one of the albums finer

Riff Police! Pull Over! #102: HellgardeN Vs Pantera!

There are bands that influence a generation of musicians or create a new subgenre of music… and then there is Pantera. One of the most influential Metal albums of 90’s and arguably their best record, “Vulgar Display Of Power” remains exactly that to this day. 28 years after it first appeared, it still sounds as good

Bootleg: HellgardeN in Brazil!

Brazilian Thrash Metal quartet HellgardeN have been regulars on our play list since we heard the opening bars of the Pantera inspired “Spit on Hypocrisy“. They took to a studio to record an hour long full live show in the absence of being able to play one for the release of new album “Making Noise,

Review: “Making Noise, Living Fast” by HellgardeN

Brazilian Thrash act HellgardeN started as members Caick Gabriel (guitars) and Matheus Barreiros (drums), who have been playing together on own projects since they were 11 or 12 years old, joining forces later with another friend from the local scene in Diego Pascuci (Vocals) later on in 2015. This was the beginning of what would