NEWS: HellgardeN end a chapter acoustically!

Mastered by Joel Wanasek (Machine Head, Monuments), Brazilian Groove Metal act  HellgardeN have brought to an end the era of their 2020 album “Making Noise, Living Fast” with an acoustic re-telling of “Believe in Yourself or Die” from the record. Rebranded “BYD“, it finds them joined by Victor Prado on cello with the suggestion in their comments that something wicked maybe coming this way…

We have come up with an incredible result in this work that shows the maturity of the band and also amplifies the possibilities of our compositions. 

We brought this song from our first album and worked on her arrangement, turning it into an amazing unplugged version. It was incredible to see everyone challenging themselves,

cello recordings which is an instrument that I love! I also had a lot of fun discovering percussion patterns for this recording, hitting the floor tom and some effects on the cymbals.

This single also carries a huge emotional factor, because it marks the end of more than 7 years of the band’s cycle. I hope that you enjoy the job! ” says Matheus Barreiros, drums

I’m very proud of what we have built on this new single in all aspects, arrangements, production, different sounds and musicality. We managed to get out a totally different side of HellgardeN, showing all the possibilities we have inside of us, opening doors in our career. This song certainly represents a lot for us, it marks the end of a cycle and the birth of a new era in our lifes.

What can I say is with each release, HellgardeN will never repeat itself and we’re not afraid to bring new ideas, that will help us to consolidate our artistic identity. I’m certainly very excited about all of this and especially for the beginning of a new future” Caick Gabriel, guitarist, complements

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