Exclusive Interview: Mind Control talk artwork, influences and “Elements”!

1st December 2023 was a special day for Italian Progressive Death Metal outfit Mind Control as they released a sophomore album in “Elements” that fans may have feared would never materialise. Almost a decade after its predecessor the album found the band with a new line up who absolutely crushed it, the release racing onto our top #5 albums of 2023 faster than a dungeon whippet chasing a rabbit down the dog track. So now that the dust has settled, here’s an exclusive interview the creators…

It has been nine years since 2014 debut album “Heptagon”, five years since vocalist Stefania “Natisfea” Salladini and new bassist Stefano Tatasciore joined Mind Control and three years since you released the first single from new album “Elements” in “Rage“. Does it feel like a weight lifted from your collective shoulders to finally see the album released? Do you feel like it has been a labour of love looking back on it now? “The span of nine years since our debut album ‘Heptagon’ in 2014, the infusion of vocalist Stefania and bassist Stefano five years ago, and the journey from the release of the first single ‘Rage’ three years ago to the recent launch of ‘Elements’ has been an incredible odyssey for Mind Control. Releasing ‘Elements’ feels like a sigh of relief, a weight lifted after years of meticulous dedication and creative energy poured into this project. Looking back, it’s evident that every step of the way has been a real labour of love. The album encapsulates the heart and soul of our musical evolution, and we’re delighted to finally share this expression with our audience. It’s not just an album; it’s a testament to the passion and collaborative spirit that defines our artistic journey.”

When you had new members join the band in 2018, how far along was the writing process for the record? What impact did the new musicians have on the pre-existing material? “When we welcomed new members into the band in 2018, Massimo [Boffa, guitars] had just initiated the writing process for ‘Elements,’ with the initial stages involving the creation of some of the foundational riffs. Their arrival marked a harmonious integration of talents. Their inclusion in the writing process proved to be a catalyst for positive change. They not only meshed perfectly with the established framework but also brought a fresh perspective that refined and elevated the overall musical experience. The collaborative efforts truly perfected the album, infusing it with a dynamic energy that resonates throughout.”

We always say that even in the digital age, the first bite is with the eye, so who was behind the artwork of “Elements“? How did you go about choosing it and what do you feel it says about the band? “Artwork for ‘Elements’ was crafted by the talented Gianpaolo Angeloni, also known as Ksadian_DigitalArt. We stumbled upon his impressive portfolio on Instagram, and it immediately struck a chord with us. His artwork seemed tailor-made for our album. Gianpaolo’s creation serves as a visual synthesis of the album’s themes, intertwining elements of the earth with the profound human involvement, both physically and psychologically. We think that it is a first impactful bite. It not only resonates aesthetically but also communicates the intricate interplay between the elemental forces and human experiences explored in our music”

If we are made up of our genes and our influences, what is in your jeans and who would you consider your influences? “If we dissect the essence of our musical identity, it’s a fusion of both contemporary and classic influences. In the realm of contemporary progressive metal, bands like Periphery, Monuments, Tesseract, and Textures have significantly shaped our sonic landscape. These modern influences intertwine seamlessly with our appreciation for older bands such as Nevermore, Soilwork, In Flames, Arch Enemy, and Testament. These influences act as threads in the fabric of our artistic expression, weaving together the modern complexities of progressive metal with the enduring spirit of older metal genres. Like genes contributing to an individual’s makeup, our musical DNA is a mosaic reflecting the diverse sounds and styles that have resonated with us throughout our journey”

What would mean more to the band at this point in your career; a one off festival appearance at Bloodstock (United Kingdom), Hellfest (France) or Summer Breeze (Germany) or a twenty date European tour opening for a band like Periphery? “Well, both scenarios carry distinct significance for us. A one-off festival appearance at renowned events like Bloodstock, Hellfest, or Summer Breeze would be a thrilling experience, offering the opportunity to showcase our music on a grand stage and connect with a diverse audience. The energy and atmosphere of these festivals are unparalleled, and the chance to leave a lasting impression on a massive crowd is a dream we hold dear.

Simultaneously, embarking on a twenty-date European tour, especially as an opener for a
band of Periphery’s caliber, would be an invaluable milestone. It would provide a platform for sustained interaction with fans across multiple cities, allowing us to delve deeper into the diverse European music scene and establish a more profound connection with our audience. So, whether it’s the adrenaline of a festival performance or the immersive experience of a European tour, both scenarios would represent pivotal moments in our career. Each offers unique opportunities for growth, exposure, and the chance to share our music with a broader audience”

What’s next for Mind Control? “We’re currently immersed in the creative realm, sculpting fresh and dynamic music that’s in the pipeline, eagerly awaiting its moment in the spotlight. Simultaneously, our attention is directed toward the upcoming summer season, where meticulous preparations are in motion for a sequence of live performances. These shows not only serve as a platform to breathe life into our latest compositions but also promise an immersive experience, forging connections with our audience amidst the vibrant energy of live performances. Stay tuned for updates as we step into this exciting chapter of our musical odyssey!”

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