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Playthrough: “Tauridian” from Helion!

As it approaches its first Anniversary, “The Great Fall” from Italians Technical Death Metal trio Helion remains an absolute pleasure. Guitarist and vocalist Max Cirelli has returned to the record for a playthrough video for “Tauridian“, a track front loaded with blast beats and aggressive riffs delivered at furious tempo. Drummer Alessandro Francesco Caruso has

Review: “The Great Fall” by Helion

Technical Death Metal trio Helion formed in 2012 in Bergamo, Italy and having released a trio of EPs since in 2015’s “Duat’s Calling“, 2016’s self titled and 2019’s “Legacy Of The Serpent” which is effectively a promo for this album, Max Cirelli (Guitar/Vocals), Andrea Cividini (Bass), Alessandro Francesco Caruso (Drums) finally dropped their debut full