Under The Influence #93: Termina’s Andy Cizek on “No Sleep” by Volumes!

The career of Los Angeles Californian DJentlemen Volumes has always been one surrounded by controversy as well as good music, often ones to find themselves in the Metal headlines for all the wrong reasons. Back in 2014 they unveiled sophomore album “No Sleep” via Mediaskaer Records, continuing the their trend for bouncy riffs, breakdowns and Nu-Metal influenced lyrics from dual vocalists, the difference being a slide into shorter tracks with more clean vocals and melodic parts. Following a label dispute that saw them jump ship to Fearless Records in 2016, the album was independently re-released in remastered form. We would also like to take a moment to pay tribute to the late Diego Farias who is credited with guitars, production, programming, mixing and engineering on the record. May he rest in peace.

Termina Andy Cizek vocalist: “The album “No Sleep” by Volumes has heavily influenced my metal sensibilities. I remember being a bit bored with heavy music around the time the album was released, and when I heard it I felt rejuvenated. There is a lot of creativity and synergy between the vocals and the instruments on that record, and it all stays within a cohesive theme. I was really inspired by the interesting rhythmic patterns, vocal phrasing, and their ability to do so much and sound so huge with such a minimalistic approach. It’s one of the few “DJent” albums I never get tired of”

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