Under The Influence #59: Theophagist on “Organic Hallucinosis” by Decapitated!

Described by many critics as being among Death Metals elite, Decapitated are Poland’s biggest export into the World of Technical Death Metal with their fourth studio album Organic Hallucinosis” released in 2006 to acclaim. The only album to see vocalist Adrian “Covan” Kowanek at the helm, it saw the band tour North America with Suffocation. However in the November 2007, 19 months after the albums release the band went on hiatus until 2009 after a van accident in Russia tragically took the life of drummer Witold “Vitek” Kiełtyka, who was only 23 and seriously injured Covan.

Theophagist comment: Looking back at all the influences we all had over the years, there is really only one particular album that came to our minds altogether: Organic Hallucinosis by Decapitated. The roots of this influence go back to over a decade when we were all younger, most of us at the age of 17, and performing under a different stage name. We remember still very well when we listened to this bad-boy the first time together in our rehearsal room… We were completely blown away. The messed-up dissonance, the erratic palm mute bursts, the liberal use of octave chords in a very evil manner and the unusual vocal style made this album stick in our minds for years to come. According to one of our members, it’s basically Morbid Angel on an Acid Trip! Top notch musicianship from finish to end to the point where you can really feel the band’s ultimate chemistry. That’s what always made this album stick out.”

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