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NEWS: Decapitated share “Hello Death” with Jinjer!

As their 25th Anniversary tour of UK and Ireland with Signs Of The Swarm and Harbinger comes to an end, Polish Death Metal pioneers Decapitated are wasting no time in marching onwards to Valhalla. They have released a second single from their 27th May releasing new album “Cancer Culture” in “Hello Death” that features a

Playthrough: “Pest” from Decapitated!

Dedicated drum cam footage of James Stewart blasting his way through “Pest” with Decapitated on stage at Louder Fest Open Air 2021 just a couple of days ago is music to our ears and you shouldn’t need us to tell you that the band have their 25th Anniversary next year. That will be celebrated with

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Day 69

When you’re asking what Technical Death Metal is and who th Kings of the genre are, you’d struggle to find many self respecting Metal Heads who didn’t acknowledge the part that Decapitated have played in the genre. Arguably their most important moment came in 2006 with “Organic Hallucinosis” and from that “Day 69” is the

Throwback: “Day 69” by Decapitated!

As “Organic Hallucinosis” from Polish Technical Death Metal Kings Decapitated has reached its 15th Anniversary, we’re going back to 2006 and “Day 69” from the album which was recorded a year earlier in August 2005 at Hertz Studio, Białystok, Poland. The only album to feature vocals from Adrian “Covan” Kowanek, who was seriously injured in