Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Day 69

When you’re asking what Technical Death Metal is and who th Kings of the genre are, you’d struggle to find many self respecting Metal Heads who didn’t acknowledge the part that Decapitated have played in the genre. Arguably their most important moment came in 2006 with “Organic Hallucinosis” and from that “Day 69” is the Monster single that every masterpiece has in its arsenal. Having already released a trio of albums considered by critics to be classics, they raised their game once more and delivered a game changer full of razor sharp riffs and hooks that does something many don’t. It takes risks and they all pay off.

In the Red Corner we have Reaping Amodeia, a bludgeoning Minneapolis Minnesota based Modern Death Metal trio who chose the Polish legends classic as a signal of their own intent. In the Blue Corner we have Cadaver from Hong Kong who performed their rendition of the cut at the “Evocation” album release party at a venue called “Hidden Agenda” in 2013. Who wins? You decide!

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