Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Dig.

There are big singles and there is “Dig” by Mudvayne. Arguably the heaviest and most ferocious cut in the bands collection it took Nu-Metal to new heights of heavy when it landed like a right hook from Mike Tyson in the year 2000 and remains a track that the band are synonymous with. Like “Blind” from KoRn or “Davidian” from Machine Head, it’s the one you want to hear at the live show and despite its age the crowd go wild for every single time it’s played. It takes a brave band to cover a classic on that level do it justice and so here are two who took on the challenge…

In quite literally the Red Corner, we have Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian female fronted Groove Metallers act Feelament who plucked up the courage to cover the iconic track as one of two singles for 2021 to pick up from where their classy 2018 album “Hate Delivery” left off. In the Blue Corner we have Texans Feign who are joined by Anthony Alexander of Rex fame for their rendition of the cut. They dropped this bombshell in 2014 before returning with the skull crushing album “The New World Order” a year later. Who wins? You decide!

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