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Bootleg: “Just Distrust Remains” from Feelament!

Featuring a guest appearance from Alex Khoroshevsky of Stigma behind the kit, the Masha “Jesus” Balyasova fronted Groove Metal Feelament have shared a live in the studio rendition of recent single “Just Distrust Remains“. The band, a collection of musicians who are scattered across Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are an international offering looking to build on

NEWS: Feelament premier “Just Distrust Remains”!

…with Members in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus and considering themselves international, it must be a challenging time for Feelament who have premiered an animated music by video for “Just Distrust Remains” as their first single of 2022. Fronted by Masha “Jesus” Balyasova, the  Groove Metal act have been around since 2015 and after the success of

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Dig.

There are big singles and there is “Dig” by Mudvayne. Arguably the heaviest and most ferocious cut in the bands collection it took Nu-Metal to new heights of heavy when it landed like a right hook from Mike Tyson in the year 2000 and remains a track that the band are synonymous with. Like “Blind”

NEWS: Feelament love to hate…

After two new singles in 2021 in “DNA” and a cover of “Dig” by Mudvayne, Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian female fronted Groove Metallers act Feelament have got into their Delorian, hit 88 miles per hour and gone back to 2018 for a new lyric video for “Incurable Disease” from their debut  album “Hate Delivery” but

NEWS: Feelament share “DNA” with the human race!

After a little bit of a social media teasing campaign, the era of “Hate Delivery” has come to an end with “DNA (Propaganda)” a remotely recorded brand new single from the multinational Feelament. Members hail from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and they have created something that touches on subjects of interacial and interethnic strife as

NEWS: Feelament turn Baby Yoda’s head!

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? Who doesn’t love some opportunistic meme creation? Russian female fronted Groove Metallers Feelament have injected one of their songs into this Star Wars clip in hilarious good taste! You can pick up their excellent 2018 full length “Hate Delivery” over at bandcamp and by all means check out our review!

Interview: Feelament talk 2020 plans!

Masha “Jesus” Balyasova, vocalist of Russian Groove Metallers Feelament has recorded an FAQ about the bands upcoming movements including touring plans. The video comes after the band released a new Dmitry Morsus directed music video for their song “Trapped” from current album “Hate Delivery“. Interestingly the band commented: “The song is about how it hurts

Playthrough: New Material from Feelament!

Promising new material in 2020, Russian Groove Metallers Feelament have used a bass playthrough video from Wally Yuchkevich to show some of that off. Their 2018 offering “Hate Delivery” was one we reviewed earlier this year so check it out. It’s available over at bandcamp here. And yes, he’s tattooed his face.

NEWS: Feelament trapped in “Hate Delivery”!

An album that caught us by surprise this year with unexpected quality was “Hate Delivery” from Feelament. It was actually released in March 2018 but the Russian Groove Metallers aren’t done with it yet, popping a music video for “Trapped” just in time for Christmas. You can get the album over at bandcamp if you

The Black Map #54: Derange from London!

Female fronted Metal bands have been on the rise of late. Not just ones with ladies demonstrating some vocal prowess with epic cleans either. Coming in from all around the Globe, Butcher Babies, Feelament, Jinjer, Devilskin and Infected Rain to name but a few, have all shone with real quality in different Metal sub-genres, showing