The Black Map #54: Derange from London!

Female fronted Metal bands have been on the rise of late. Not just ones with ladies demonstrating some vocal prowess with epic cleans either. Coming in from all around the Globe, Butcher Babies, Feelament, Jinjer, Devilskin and Infected Rain to name but a few, have all shone with real quality in different Metal sub-genres, showing that they are not just a gimmick or flash in the pain but that they have real musicanship in their ranks as well as the vocals. Venom Prison and Vexed have even put female fronted Death Metal and Deathcore bands on the map, taking it to the extreme that your regular Joe Metal Head might not have expected.

London’s Derange have been at the game for 7 years with Cat Pereria adding her impressive vocal range to the Progressive Tech-Metal work of Guitarists Nick Crosby and Justas Brazdziunas and the rhythm section of bassist Joe MacPherson and drummer Joe Farrell. Having earned a coup with 2015’s “The Awakening” in having producer Russ Russell (SikTh, Evile, Dimmu Borgir) on board, they made the most of it with a stunningly good release. All of that hard work earned them a spot on the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock and now a pair of singles in “Runaway” and “Divide” have shown they are making the strides forward their talent deserves.

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