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Interview: Evile talk new material with Impact Metal!

Six years after their last interview with the band, Impact Metal have shared something fresh. Filmed before a show in Eindhoven Netherlands on 19th March, guitarist and now vocalist Ol Drake alongside drummer Ben Carter from Northern Thrash Gods Evile were subjected to an interrogation. The conversation mentions new material, the scene and the genre

Bootleg: “Creeping Death” from Crisix!

The party has started for Spanish Thrash Gods Crisix as new album “Full HD” has been launched by Listenable Recordings into the seven seas of Metal so playing World Needs Mosh Fest 2022 in Bilbao Spain the band have shared footage of a jam of “Creeping Death” by Metallica which sees them joined by Evile

The Black Map #204: Devastator from Derby!

Our endless journey in concentric circles around the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene continues to week #204 as Metal Noise approaches its 5th Anniversary, celebrating the lesser lights of heaven and talking about bands who have all the talent in the World but need some attention. So for this week’s entry on our Black Map

Playthrough: “Gore” from Evile!

After the news last week that Evile will be joining Dust Bolt in supporting Crisix for three shows in Spain under the banner “World Needs Mosh Fest“, guitarist and vocalist Ol’ Drake has returned to the practice space and recorded a playthrough video for “Gore“. It’s the second in quick succession played on a Carillon

Playthrough: “We Who Are About To Die” from Evile!

What better way to show off the Kingslayer 6 Burl Top with Seymour Duncan pickups from Carillon Guitars than to have a master play a track? Preparing for a run of February shows with Divine Chaos and Tortured Demon, Ol Drake already has “Who Who Are About To Die” from the debut Evile record “Enter

Review: “Close Encounters Of A Thrash Kind” by Bangover

“Another Sunday I’m battered and spent, So many things happened that I might regret, A weekly occurrence, what’s strange about that? But it seems like to me there’s a pain in my neck, Aches when I turn and when I look up, It feels like my necks been hit by a truck, Ears are still

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Mortician.

Inspired by the classic low budget Horror movies of the 80’s, Yonkers New York Death Grind act Mortician have spent the last two decades telling tales of gore that would horrify and disgust the ordinary Joe. A revolving door of musicians they may have had over that time but the writing partnership and axis of

Bootleg: Evile unleash hell at Bloodstock!

After the usually preceding hype building single tracks cut from the set earlier this week, much to our delight, the organisers of Bloodstock Open Air Festival have finally released the full pro-shot set from Northern Thrash Gods Evile that took place upon the Sophie Lancaster Stage. The 20th Anniversary of the festival may have been

Bootleg: “Head Of The Demon” from Evile!

As if the return of Huddersfield Thrash quartet Evile after eight years wasn’t big enough, to return to the stage for their first live show with a new line up and a new album in “Hell Unleashed” at the 20th Anniversary of Bloodstock… well that’s doing it in style. Cut from their set is “Head

Bootleg: “We Who Are About To Die” from Evile!

They say go hard or go home and for Ol’ Drake who had taken over by vocal duties as well as being the guitarist of Evile, there was no warm up show as it his first live performance in that capacity after the band unveiled new album “Hell Unleashed” was on the Ronnie James Dio