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NEWS: Devilskin rise to the surface for air!

Three years after they dropped third album “Red” and with their double platinum debut “We Rise” fast approaching it’s tenth anniversary, New Zealand’s own Devilskin have returned with single “Let Me Breathe“. It finds vocalist Jennie Skulander in fine form, appearing two shows into thirteen that share the name of the single which will take

The Black Map #180: Insurgent from Birmingham!

By unveiling their debut EP “Sentient” with just enough time to get it into our greasy paws before this year’s incarnation of Bloodstock Open Air Festival, Birmingham Progressive Metalcore outfit Insurgent ensured their lyrics could be sung back to them by a packed audience. Not that anyone who had seen them live before wouldn’t have

Review: “Self Titled” by Demetra’s Scars

The last six years have been something of a journey for for female fronted Italian Alternative Metallers Demetra’s Scars. Forming back in June 2015, they released their first single “Your Only Escape” in 2017 after just a handful of club shows and a year later they found themselves supporting Jinjer and Infected Rain in their

NEWS: Devilskin share emotional “Sweet Release” video!

New Zealand Alternative Metallers Devilskin have used a music video for track “Sweet Release” to raise awareness of Mental Health issues and Suicide prevention, while paying tribute to the work of charity Lifeline. The song appears on the bands April released album “Red” which has a rescheduled September and October tour in their homeland in

Bootleg: Devilskin in VR at Homegrown Festival!

New Zealand Metallers Devilskin transport you back to their fiery, Jim Beam inspired performance at Homegrown Festival 2018, in anticipation for their new album “Red” out on 3rd April. The concert was captured for VR using cameras and broadcasting systems created by New Zealand company Orbe and if you don’t own a VR headset you

NEWS: Devilskin co-headline with Like A Storm in April!

Hamilton New Zealand Alternative Metal quartet Devilskin, fronted by Jennie Skulander, are preparing to drop a third studio album and follow up to 2016’s “Be Like The River”. Entitled “Red“, it looks to feature a pair of singles “All Fall Down” and “Corrode” which have been released since while also marking a decade of the bands existence.

NEWS: Devilskin begin to rust?

Hamilton New Zealand Alternative Metal quartet Devilskin will mark a decade together with their third studio album and follow up to 2016’s “Be Like The River” entitled simply “Red“. The independent act fronted by Jennie Skulander dropped single “All Fall Down” last year and both that and this new single “Corrode” look to to be

Review: “Beckoning Call” by Chasing Embers

Formed in Kyiv Ukraine by drummer Vladyslav Pospolitak, guitarist Alexey Hrankyn and vocalist July Tallina who were joined by second guitarist Oleksandr Zahorulia and bassist Vladyslav Kachanovskyi, Chasing Embers are an alternative metal with sincere lyrics and unique atmosphere. 2017 saw their debut single “Badtrip” released. Autumn of the 2018 was marked with their first

The Black Map #54: Derange from London!

Female fronted Metal bands have been on the rise of late. Not just ones with ladies demonstrating some vocal prowess with epic cleans either. Coming in from all around the Globe, Butcher Babies, Feelament, Jinjer, Devilskin and Infected Rain to name but a few, have all shone with real quality in different Metal sub-genres, showing

Review: “at Odds” EP by atWood

Female fronted trio Milan based atWood formed in 2017 playing re-imagined covers in their own style. Seeking to seamlessly blend alternative rock, synth, electronics and even post-hardcore influences in one melting pot of sound. The trio comprises vocalist Alice Grupallo, guitarist Daniele Mammola and bassist Alessio Bastia. Starting out with “Collision”, the bands sound is