The Black Map #180: Insurgent from Birmingham!

By unveiling their debut EP “Sentient” with just enough time to get it into our greasy paws before this year’s incarnation of Bloodstock Open Air Festival, Birmingham Progressive Metalcore outfit Insurgent ensured their lyrics could be sung back to them by a packed audience. Not that anyone who had seen them live before wouldn’t have known the songs, the band have been conceived in 2018 but it’s a whole different World when they are committed to tape. It has to be said that the vocals of Katie Teitge will perhaps see Insurgent transcend the Metal scene into the mainstream with their soaring and emotionally charged vocals to be a real shining light of stunning proportions and reminiscent of Jennie Skulander of Devilskin fame. They are far from all that band have to offer but it would be easy for the band to trade their complex riffs and dynamics in order to stay on the cover of Kerrang! Magazine and become over reliant on a big chorus to save them. Fortunately they haven’t sold themselves out with their debut and that has lead to a few doors opening including an endorsement with Victory Amps having used the Kraken model on the release, long may that continue…

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