The Black Map #41: Krysthla from Wellingborough!

A large market town 11 miles from Northampton, Wellingborough was established in the Anglo-Saxon period with the name “Wendelingburgh” as a place surrounded by five wells. Appearing on the towns coat of arms, Redwell, Witche’s Well, Lady’s Well, Hemmingwell and Whytewell each have a place in the towns history. In 1959, the residents awoke to a trail of white footprints painted along the main street, at the end of which were the words “I must fly”. But that’s enough of a history lesson. We’re here for one thing and one thing only. Heavy Metal.

Extreme Metallers Krysthla dropped the critically acclaimed “Peace In Our Time”, the quintet’s second album in April 2017 having already completed a European tour in support of Decapitated and played both Bloodstock Open Air and Brighton’s Mammoth Fest. The album received a 9/10 review from both Distorted Sound and Invicta Magazine as a “True Eye Opener” while RAMzine said that “2017 is going to have to be bloody special to knock this out of people‚Äôs top 5 albums of the year”. That would be high praise indeed for a band from a Market Town outside of Northampton, wouldn’t it?

Krysthla have announced a quartet of dates in March 2019 around next years incarnation of Hammerfest.

15th Reading, The Face Bar
16th Plymouth, The Junction
23rd Pwllheli, Hammerfest
30th Norwich, B2

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