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Bootleg: “Luminosity” from Krysthla!

A third Krysthla track culled from their set at last year’s Bloodstock? Why not! Here’s “Luminosity” from their 2015 debut “A War Of Souls And Desires“! Their third studio album “Worldwide Negative” is out now, a seriously heavy hitter and showcase for what Metal is today! Bloodstock 2020 is the 20th Anniversary of the Festival

The Black Map #41: Krysthla from Wellingborough!

A large market town 11 miles from Northampton, Wellingborough was established in the Anglo-Saxon period with the name “Wendelingburgh” as a place surrounded by five wells. Appearing on the towns coat of arms, Redwell, Witche’s Well, Lady’s Well, Hemmingwell and Whytewell each have a place in the towns history. In 1959, the residents awoke to