The Black Map #55: Dyscarnate from Horsham!

Staying in the South and heading from London towards Brighton for today’s entry in our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene, we head to Horsham. That’s home to Death Metal trio Dyscarnate, who will be joining Broken Teeth in supporting Hatebreed on their 25th Anniversary UK shows this summer! As an international touring band, they’ve played shows across America, Asia and of course Europe, taking the stage alongside the likes of Archspire, The Faceless and Decapitated while smashing out quality tunes from current album “With All Their Might” which is out now via Unique Leader and a masterclass of how  Death Metal should be done.

Originally starting out as Incarnate in 2003 and putting out a demo, they changed their name and settled with drummer Matt Unsworth (formerly of Asphyxiated) and guitarist Tom Whitty (formerly of Fleshrot) being  joined by vocalist and bassist Henry Bates and changed their name. That was the lineup for 11 years before Bates stepped aside to be replaced by Al Llewellyn of Arceye who still remain very much active. If you like Death Metal that lyrically orientates around the downfall of Humanity, this is the trio for you!

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