The Black Map #222: Mercury’s Well from Reading!

Long overdue it’s time we added Reading Progressive Death Metal act of legend Mercury’s Well to one of our longest running features. The Black Map is our weekly look at the United Kingdom Metal Underground scene, placing a spotlight on the lesser lights of heaven that we recommend you check out should your hearts desire. So while you’re popping a coupe of asprin, sinking a scalding hot cup of coffee and trying to remember how that traffic cone got into your living room, lets face the music and dance.

Back in 2015 Mercury’s Well made their presence felt with debut EP “The Way of Ashes“, a concept record which tells the story of a man who is transformed into a tree and wages war against the Sun following the untimely death of his father. Eclectic, eccentric and brutal it sounds like Nick Cave playing Opeth songs as guitarist and vocalist Simon Davies, Adam “Nolly” Getgood worshipping bassist James Tiffin and drummer Liam Fog tear it up across cuts recorded and produced by Dean Nelson at Platform Studios.

Seven years later their self titled album recorded, produced and mastered by Matt Bew at Whitehouse Studios appeared with the assistance of Sammy Ragheb, transferring an enhanced version of single “Blood” along with it for our listening pleasure. An intelligent record reflecting the bands background it drives down the darkness as the band build on their foundations of Gold and Bones with pride and purpose. Nuanced with extended instrumental passages it gives the opportunity to ruminate on the lyrics which reference Richard Wagner and  Robert Bly without requiring you to know that in order to enjoy the record. It’s there if you want it. A powerhouse statement of a record from a band who know exactly what they’re doing, this is one to savour. Here endith the sermon.

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