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NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath enter the dark…

There isn’t much more we can say that hasn’t already been said about Buster Odeholm and Humanity’s Last Breath except to say that the World awaits the cure for all ills that will be “Ashen” when it arrives on 4th August via Unique Leader Records. A record entirely in its masters vision, the band have

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm wear the Crown…

A production team of Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland who handled previous releases from August Burns Red and The Last Ten Seconds Of Life have been working behind the scenes with Signs of the Swarm to help them with “Vital Deprivation”, their long awaited new album due on 11th October via Unique Leader Records. They’ve given several singles an airing

NEWS: Signs of the Swam are “Tempting Death”!

It’s been a long while coming but Signs of the Swarm have finally announced that their third studio album “Viral Deprivation” will be climbing from the Unique Leader Records vaults on 11th October! The news comes with the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Death Metallers new single “Tempting Death”, a song which proves there is still life in

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath share “Vanda”!

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm at Impact Studios, Helsingborg, Sweden’s Humanity’s Last Breath will be brining out the dead with “Abyssal” on 2nd August via Unique Leader Records! There is still time for those all important pre-orders and the bandcamp edition, which is available here, includes the full album in instrumental format

NEWS: “Fradga” from Humanity’s Last Breath!

One of the many highlights of UK Tech-Fest 2017 was Humanity’s Last Breath. Signed to Unique Leader Records, they have slated “Abyssal” for our ear drums on 2nd August with new single “Fradga” getting a music video. You know it’s going to be crazy. In a good way.

NEWS: Signs of the Swarm debut new single!

Signs of the Swarm continue to roll out the singles with no album title or release date forthcoming. “Malevolent Enslavement” is the title of the latest offering with new frontman David Simonich now firmly entrenched in the band Their previous album update and subsequent tour announcement hinted that the album could drop in September.

Documentary: Studio Report from Signs of the Swarm!

Filmed by Ryan McTan at Think Loud Studios in May, Signs of the Swarm have dropped this eight and a half minute update on album number three! It will appear later this year via Unique Leader Records and see new vocalist David Simonich make is recording debut with the band! In theory, the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

NEWS: Bound In Fear share “The Rot Within”!

Farnham Surrey Deathcore heavyweights Bound In Fear, who feature the now Sunfall vocalist and Carbine drummer Ben Mason at the helm (where does he find the time?!) as well as Mixing and Mastering Guru Kier Campbell on Guitars have announced a new album entitled “The Hand Of Violence”! It’s going to appear via Unique Leader

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath suffer abdominal injury…

2nd August will see “Abyssal”, a new album from Humanity’s Last Breath rear it’s ugly head via Unique Leader. It comes with cover art from Adrian Baxter of the Saros Collective and this single, the cringe worthy titled “Bursting Bowel of Tellus”. Sounds… Painful. We had the pleasure of catching them at UK Tech-Fest in