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Review: “Elan Vital” by Anchillys

A decade in gestation, “Elan Vital” is the debut album from Anchillys, in every sense of the word the solo project of Andy Wit. Known for his work as a guitarist in Once Begotten and as a touring bassist in Dictated, here he not only writes and records all the music as a multi-instrumentalist but

Interview: Archspire on the Metal Blade Live Series!

Like snow on a summers day, we’ve got no idea just how much longer the Metal Blade Live Series can go on once host Riley McShane gets back fully immersed in the activities of his band Allegaeon. So making the most of it while it lasts, this latest episode sees chat with Dean Lamb of Canadian

NEWS: The Faces of Death Tour returns in 2021!

Following this weeks run of big tour news for the back end of 2021, the next incarnation of The Faces of Death Tour has been announced. It will see Rivers of Nihil, Archspire, Allegaeon, Black Crown Initiate and To The Grave join forces on the Rising Merch sponsored run that will smash its way across

Playthrough: “Join Us Beyond” from Archspire!

Technical Death Metallers Archspire have left their guitarist Tobi Morelli out of the basement to teach us the “Join Us Beyond” from their 2014 album “The Lucid Collective” courtesy of Guitar World. We had the pleasure of the bands crazy love set at Tech-Fest last summer playing a packed out Fireball Whiskey stage.

Interview: Inferi on Dream Tour!

Filmed back in May at Reggies in Chicago Illinois, Death Metallers Inferi were asked about their dream tour line-up in this newly released, freshly ground coffee sponsored clip. You mean it’s not Tech Trek that will see them dragged kicking and screaming across Europe by Archspire later this month?! Somebody better call the Morgue. A homicide

Playthrough: “Thy Menacing Gaze” from Inferi!

Inferi are a American melodic Death Metal band forged from the bowels of Nashville, Tennessee. The band formed 13 years ago in 2006 and will join Archspire, Beneath The Massacre and Vulvodynia upon our shores on the European leg of Tech Trek, with landing craft hitting London on 2nd December. Sticksman Spencer Moore smashes out of

Playthrough: “Condemned Assailant” from Inferi!

Inferi will be joining Archspire, Beneath the Massacre and Vulvodynia on the European leg of Tech Trek in December and so Malcolm Pugh and Mike Low have picked up their Kiesel and ESP guitars and recorded a playthrough for “Condemned Assailant” from “Revenant”. Get your tickets.

Playthrough: “Cursed Unholy” from Inferi!

December will see Inferi join Tech Trek with Archspire, Beneath the Massacre and Vulvodynia upon our shores. To celebrate, bassist Andrew Kim has picked up his 5 string and recorded a playthrough of “Cursed Unholy” from “End Of An Era | Rebirth”.

NEWS: Inferi are both Cursed and Unholy…

From the bowls of Nashville Tennessee come Inferi and with them they being Melodic Death Metal with crushing technicality. You can witness their destruction when they join Archspire, Beneath The Massacre and Vulvodynia upon our shores for a run of dates in December. They’ve dropped a music video for “Cursed Unholy” from “The End Of