The Black Map #129: God Shaped Devil from Manchester!

After two weeks in London with Vexed and Thrasherwolf it’s time to break out to Manchester and talk about some Groove Metal in the form of God Shaped Devil. They would have been at this years incarnation of Rockmaraton Fesztivál in Hungry this summer but that was postponed until July 2021 while their run in the Metal 2 Masses competition to appear on the New Blood stage of the 20th Anniversary of Bloodstock also came to an abrupt end. That hasn’t stopped lead guitarist Bex Fuzery, rhythm guitarist Matt Morris, bassist Lajos Borsi and drummer Luke Ellwood infusing Thrash with Sludge and Groove Metal to create their sound though. Since the release of their debut full length record “Dark Fields” in July 2019, the quartet have been working on their sophomore effort with guitars, bass and drums laid down for 4 of 9 tracks currently on their whiteboard as they make the most of the time without shows by concentrating on recording. Ellwood even managed to take some time out from the Hungarian and English collaboration of intense riffs and grooves to track drums for Impavidus.

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