The Black Map #167: Chestcrush from Edinburgh!

Heading from Middlesbrough yet further North for this weeks entry in our black book of the UK Metal Underground scene otherwise known as The Black Map, we find ourselves in Edinburgh Scotland to talk about Chestcrush, a band who specialise in fusing elements of Black Metal and Sludge into the mix to make something nightmarish and heavy. Our timing couldn’t be better with the band about to let out “Vdelygmia“, an album that takes its name from the Greek “ Βδελυγμία“ which is described as the feeling towards a person that is sorely corrupted and depraved or an act that is an abomination. Perhaps apt for it given the bands previous work in Blackend Death Metal and the connection? One perhaps to the Motherland of Evangelos Vasilakos who handled guitars, bass, lyrics and programming for what promises to be a beast of gargantuan proportions and putrid breath based on “Different Shepherd, Same Sheep” which appeared not that long ago. If you’re interested, pre-orders for the album are available over at bandcamp, the date on the tombstone reads 14th July.

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