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Bootleg: “White Castles” from Krysthla!

The brutal intensity of “Worldwide Negative” by Krysthla remains one of the most gritty records from 2019 and came second in the Amazon pre-order steaks to “We Are Not Your Kind” by Slipknot. They’ve got a collection of rarely played live songs recorded in session to follow this ripper of a version of “White Castles“.

NEWS: 10 bands announced for Hopfest 2021!

…with Saturday headlining act still to be announced, Wellingborough is the place to be across the weekend of 25th and 26th June 2021 for Hopfest. Regulars and favourites from the UK Metal Underground circuit will be present and correct including the not to be missed From Eden to Exile, who dropped their brilliant “Age of

Documentary: Krysthla Podcast Episode #1: Introduction!

If everything was equal and fair, Krysthla would be tearing up stages with Red Method in support of their brilliantly dark and intense album “Worldwide Negative“. But making the best of it, they’ve started their own video series. The first episode sees them chatting about the history of the band, their collective influences and how

NEWS: Red Method share the “Euphoria of Transformation”!

It won’t be long before Red Method have completed a music video for every song on their album “For The Sick” and while in lockdown, they’ve short one for instrumental “Euphoria of Transformation“, a cut complete with mariachi style solo! They’ll be another band itching to get back on the road once more having been

Bootleg: Tech-Fest 2020 At Home!

As the lockdown has meant that gigs and festivals are not permitted, Tech-Fest joined forces with Invicta Magazine and Loki Films to bring us Tech-Fest at home over the past couple of nights. Each one sees a selection of bands perform their songs from their own homes in advance of the premiers of these before

Review: “The Art of War” by Chapfallen

What’s in a name? Well for anyone who is aware of American Head Charge, their album “The War Of Art” may pop figuratively speaking into their head when they read the title of this debut EP from Chapfallen. A six-piece band with dual vocalists in Brad Rogers and Max Cottrell and a guitar duo in

NEWS: Tech-Fest 2020 at Home Streaming Line Up!

As anyone who had planned to attend Tech-Fest this summer will already know, existing tickets are being shuffled to next years event. What you may not know is that premiering exclusively on YouTube via Invicta Magazine on 2-3 July, an array of bands from the 2020 lineup have put together streams from home, pre-recorded with

Review: “Anthrobscene” by Deified

Back in 2015, Deified won the annual Metal 2 The Masses event for Merseyside and took their place, as rightfully earned at Bloodstock Festival with cuts from their debut EP “Lo and Behold“. That experience led to the quintet sharing stages with the likes of Bay Area California Thrash Kings Exodus, Max Cavalera’s Son Ritchie

Playthrough: “Face Of Desolation” from From Eden To Exile!

Northampton Groove Metallers From Eden To Exile delivered the goods in style with their EP “Age Of Fire” which was released just 15 days ago. Drummer Jake Patrick shows us how it’s done with a playthrough of “Face Of Desolation” with Neil Hudson of Krysthla producing the record and helping them achieve a crushing sound.

NEWS: In Depths subject us to “Chemical Release”!

Having been forced to abandon a string of live shows with Monasteries, Red Method and Krysthla to name but a few, Chester Deathcore quartet In Depths could have held their new material back, but instead chose to road less traveled and have thrown “Chemical Release” at us. As with their debut full length “Devil In