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NEWS: Rabidfest announce first wave of bands for November!

We’re excited to announce that we’re joining Devolution Magazine and Moomin Merch in  partnering up with Rabidfest for this year’s incarnation of the annual meeting of Metal Heads in Oxford! The Festival will take place at The Bullingdon over the weekend of 5th and 6th November! The first 10 bands have been announced with tickets

Playthrough: “Your Empty Shadow” from Phobetor!

It seems like only yesterday but our final exclusive interview of 2021 was a conversation with Phobetor drummer Marc Dyos about the bands sophomore album “Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds“, a Blackened Groove Death Metal beast. The band have returned with N64 Goldeneye style splitscreen full band playthrough for “Your Empty Shadow” with audio

NEWS: Tech-Fest go Heavy with First Wave for 2022 event!

Some people call it a first wave announcement, but we’re calling it a tidal wave when it comes to what UK Tech-Fest have announced. An eclectic mix of bands playing Progressive, Deathcore, Death Metal, DJent and the kitchen sink are set for 30th June to 4th July at Newark Showgrounds. It’s going to be a

Review: “Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds” by Phobetor

Forged in the fires of Hell in 2018 at the hands of vocalist Debora Conserva, Phobetor began their journey down the left hand path with the idea of reflecting the chaos and anguish of life, capturing it’s furious energy and use it to reign terror on the masses with debut album “When Life Falls Silent”

Documentary: Krysthla Podcast Episode #2: Lockdown!

It’s been a year since the first Krysthla Podcast but as they approach their 10th anniversary, a feature length second episode is exactly what we need. In this episode they talk about the ongoing Global Pandemic and its affects on bands and artists, the music scene since coming out of lockdown and plenty more including

The Black Map #178: Internal Conflict from Leicester!

In choosing Neil Hudson (Krysthla, From Eden To Exile) at Initiate Audio & Media Studios in Northampton to mix and master their sophomore album “Aphoria“, Leicester based Metalcore outfit Internal Conflict put their money where their mouths are and got the best person for the job. The album title means “An irresolvable internal contradiction or

Review: “Aporia” by Internal Conflict

“The name ‘A P O R I A’ initially spoke of the difficult times we have gone through personally in the last few years, in and outside of the band”, explains frontman Adam Kyle. ” From family breakdowns, to mental health struggles, parenthood, life / work balance, and what it means to be a band in an

Bootleg: “White Castles” from Krysthla!

The brutal intensity of “Worldwide Negative” by Krysthla remains one of the most gritty records from 2019 and came second in the Amazon pre-order steaks to “We Are Not Your Kind” by Slipknot. They’ve got a collection of rarely played live songs recorded in session to follow this ripper of a version of “White Castles“.

NEWS: 10 bands announced for Hopfest 2021!

…with Saturday headlining act still to be announced, Wellingborough is the place to be across the weekend of 25th and 26th June 2021 for Hopfest. Regulars and favourites from the UK Metal Underground circuit will be present and correct including the not to be missed From Eden to Exile, who dropped their brilliant “Age of