Rabidfest 2022: Breaking Down The Bands #18: Red Method!

“We live it everyday, in this cycle of violence, Through your world I bring suffering and grief, In this endless cycle of violence, Through your world I bring suffering and grief, I, It feels I’m getting colder, I, demons calling my name, Yeah! Now I know, I’m dependent again, I swear deep down I’m clinical, am addicted to those glances, am taking chances, I can see my spirit leaving. I need a fix from those violent eyes, don’t need no more drugs, you’re my spherical high, Am a suicidal criminal, so let’s get clinical, I can see my spirit leaving…”

Regular attendees of Rabidfest will know that back in 2019 when the event was held in August rather than November, the talk of the town was that a tornado of Groove Metal born of the ashes of numerous well respected acts simply know as Red Method would be ripping the place up and so it came to be. Now, three years on from that fateful weekend, the six piece hungers once more for the blood of those who dare enter The Bullingdon to bare witness to their live show. Since then of course the band has made regular appearances at Bloodstock and Tech-Fest as well as ripping up the road with Krysthla whom luck would have it are also on the bill. Throwing down the gauntlet to any would be opposition they’re an underdog who has proved themselves time and again, unveiling their debut album “For The Sick” in 2020 and it’s reimagining in 2021 from which we expect new cut “Slaves To New World Order” to take pride of place on the set list. There maybe no pyro but its safe to say you can expect circle pits, moshing, crowd surfing and head banging from the heroes you know and the bastards you hate. The riffs will be furious, the percussion powerful and the vocals throat shredding. See you in Oxford.

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