Rabidfest 2022: Breaking Down The Bands #17: Krysthla!

Blood is running through your hands like a vision without colour lifeless grey burn the gift of life itself premonition see the end the darkest day feigning truth a wretched lie is a weapon live and die now by the sword poisoning their brainwashed minds like a venom suffer through a new dischord Caught in a dying hearbeat of ideals aflame Scorched are the crying faces the nameless the dead Caught in a dying hearbeat a Zero Sum Game…

Four bands go to in our Rabidfest introductions and we’re well into the bands that we kind of feel like you should already know at this point… but maybe we’re wrong? Like regular tour mates Red Method who we introduced few weeks ago, Krysthla have been regulars at festivals like Bloodstock and Tech-Fest for a long time having released a holy trinity of albums in seven years. Their journey down the yellow brick road of alcohol fuelled debauchery and weighty Metal began with 2015’s “A War of Souls and Desires” which gave us the huge single “Luminosity“. Then came the critically acclaimed “Peace In Our Time” in 2017 which opens with the colossus that is “The Minor Mystery of Death” before their current burnt offering in 2019’s  “Worldwide Negative” slapped us silly with “Zero Sum Game“. Each record has built on the foundations of the last, delivering a crushingly intense experience while having guitarist Neil Hudson able to engineer, mix and master the bands output with his other project Initiate Audio and Media Recording Studios means they can take their time and get things as they envision. A powerhouse outfit that blend Death, Black and Progressive Metal with Thrashier moments, “Worldwide Negative” was second only to “We Are Not Your Kind” from Slipknot in the Amazon pre-orders in the run to its release…

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