Review: “Self Titled” by Demetra’s Scars

The last six years have been something of a journey for for female fronted Italian Alternative Metallers Demetra’s Scars. Forming back in June 2015, they released their first single “Your Only Escape” in 2017 after just a handful of club shows and a year later they found themselves supporting Jinjer and Infected Rain in their Italian tour. What followed that was the recording of their debut EP which was done in May 2019 however things then went quiet for Pahann (Vocals), Samuele Casari (Guitars), Thomas Bertellini (Bass) and Yassir Belfartas (Drums) until June 2020. A year on and the EP release is finally upon us…

…What happened in the bands pre-pandemic absence remains a mystery but there is no doubt that the delays in getting their music out there must have been the cause of some frustration to the band, especially having been granted the opportunity to tour with Jinjer and Infected Rain in 2018. But that’s all water under the bridge and we can only hope that a reinvigorated band have started writing material for a debut full length to follow this self titled EP within 12 months to really get them back on track. The first surprise is that 2017 single “Your Only Escape” isn’t included here, instead the band unleash a quartet of cuts that have not been previously heard committed to tape. Sonically they remind of New Zealand Metallers Devilskin, the bold clean vocals from Pahann being of similar nature to Jennie Skulander and cutting against the rhythmic riff attack that the rest of the band provide; it might not be as barbed as some of their contemporaries but it has plenty of groove and sing-a-long ability while a couple of really tasteful breakdowns give it a satisfying crunch. Pahann does posses the ability to deliver an unclean, there are momentary screamed parts sporadically through the tracks but there has been a clear directional choice from the band not to use these more and the same can be said of the absence of solos here, the bands material more about grit and substance than virtuoso performances. “Going Through” has a couple of mighty fine Nu-Metal tinged funky bass parts to it that are right out of the KoRn playbook, something which goes hand in had with the introspective lyrical style, a dull ache in the heart of Pahann who has clearly gone through some hellish relationships and vents her spleen with conviction of thought. That bleeds into “My Pleasure” which brings the house down with headbangable rhythmic power and dirge laden riffs, a longer, darker track that builds atmosphere and could see the band moving into more progressive pastures in the future [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Myself Screaming
  2. TRTTN
  3. Going Through
  4. My Pleasure

Self Titled” by Demetra’s Scars is out 24th July 2021 via Sheratan Records

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