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Playthrough: “Colossus” from Jinjer!

Brand new footage of Eugene Abdukhanov performing “Colossus” during soundcheck in Nashville, Tennessee stop of the tour that saw Jinjer break the shackles of lockdown in December 2021 at take the US by storm with a tour that saw them joined by Suicide Silence and All Hail The Yeti? Absolutely! Eugene comments: “Colossus is one

Documentary: “Coming To America” Tour Diary #2 with Jinjer!

Including moments of “Pearls and Swine“, the second part of the tour diary for the tour named after an 80’s Eddie Murphy classic, the “Coming to America” tour has arrived. It is all about the behind the scenes shenanigans with Ukraine’s finest export and Progressive Metalcore titans Jinjer who are joined by All Hail The

Playthrough: “Vortex” from Jinjer!

Plucking another one from their no doubt extensive archive, Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer have chosen to once again show off the skills of drummer Vladislav “Vladi” Ulasevich when armed for the apocalypse with gear from Tama, Evans, Promark, ACD Limited and Zildjian, this time with a playthrough video for “Vortex“. It was shot at Summer

Bootleg: “Wallflower” & “Collossus” from Jinjer!

It certainly raised a few eyebrows when it was announced but Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer are currently tearing up the road stateside with Suicide Silence in a clash of the titans tour that at one point didn’t look like it was going to go ahead. Their immediate plans once they return haven’t been announced although

Documentary: “Coming To America” Tour Diary #1 with Jinjer!

Named after an 80’s Eddie Murphy classic, the “Coming to America” tour sees Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer joined by All Hail The Yeti and Suicide Silence for a rollercoaster ride of shows around their new album “Wallflowers“. Part one of their tour diary will give you a flavour for the kind of shenanigans they get

NEWS: Jinjer disclose wallflowers?

As they cruise across the US with Deathcore heavyweights Suicide Silence, Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer have chosen “Disclosure!” as the latest single from their fourth studio album “Wallflowers” while continuing to break pretty much every rule in the Metal rule book to play Groove laden Progressive Metal while sounding incredible at the same time. It looks

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Wallflower” with Jinjer!

Not the album of course but the music video for the third single and title track from it that was premiered on 25th August and has currently amassed an incredible 837,292 YouTube views. The behind the scenes featurette comes courtesy of the person behind the grassy knoll, Alina Chernohor rather than the video director Shah

Playthrough: “Wallflower” from Jinjer!

We’re going to be honest as we did with our review of “Wallflower” by Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer and say that we did not expect an album as heavy and as dark as the band provided us with and damn but it’s good. Performed at the soundcheck in Rostock Germany on 23rd September, here’s a

Review: “Wallflowers” by Jinjer

Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer have been a name on everyone’s lips since 2016’s sophomore album “King Of Everything” landed and the quartet began dabbling in the Progressive. Their meteoric rise has been thanks to their sheer dedication and hard work, a relentless touring schedule keeping them firmly in the spotlight and building an international fan

NEWS: Jinjer get violent with “Wallflower”!

…with just a couple of days to go before the unveiling of the fourth studio album from Jinjer, the band have premiered a third (and final?) music video from the release in the title track “Wallflower“. The album recorded in March 2021 at Kaska Records Studios in Kyiv, Ukraine with the band calling it their