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Documentary: Vocal recording sessions with Jinjer!

In the studio with Producer Max Morton (Sunrise, Grimfaith, Bare Infinity), Tatiana Shmayluk is the latest member of Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer to be filmed by Shah Talifta as part of the documentary series around their upcoming new album. The band have commented throughout that each member has smashed their parts out in double quick

Documentary: Bass tracking with Jinjer!

There seems to be a competitive edge to the recording sessions for a new album from Jinjer with each member of the band mentioning how quickly they have recorded their parts with Producer Max Morton (Sunrise, Grimfaith, Bare Infinity) during their ongoing studio session series filmed by Shah Talifta. The latest episode sees Eugene Abdukhanov

Planet Metal #4: Ukraine!

Our monthly round up of Underground Metal bands from around the Globe has been pretty random so far with stops in Europe, South America, Russia and so a return to Eastern Europe and a region steeped in Slavic culture in Ukraine seems like a good place to be and with a population exceeding 41 million

Documentary: Guitar tracking with Jinjer!

A week after Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer shared a Shah Talifta filmed drum tracking documentary showing footage of Vlad Ulasevich as he literally smashed out all the drum parts for the bands new record in two days, they’re back with one for the guitar tracking. Roman Ibramkhalilov smashed all the guitar parts with Producer Max

Documentary: Drum tracking with Jinjer!

It’s no secret that Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer have been working on new material but the Progressive Metalcore titans have now disclosed that they’re in the studio. This studio report documents the drum tracking, which was smashed in just two days by Vlad Ulasevich and was filmed by the bands recent music video director of

Review: “Inside” by Next Door To Heaven

Recording as a trio without bassist Oleg Ermakov, St. Petersburg Russian Progressive Metalcore band Next Door To Heaven have started their next chapter with EP “Inside“. The follow up 2019 sophomore album “V Ways To Accept” released on Sliptrick Records and 2020 stand alone single “Dance With Me”, this time around guitarist Evgenii “Gene” Mazunov took the helm on

Playthrough: “Strength Beyond Strength” from Jinjer..?

If you didn’t already think that Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer were a talented bunch of musicians, the fact that drummer Vlad Ulasevich has thrown us a guitar playthrough video for “Strength Beyond Strength” by Pantera just blew our collective minds. Perhaps he will have some input on the guitar work on the bands next record,

Playthrough: “Home Back” from Jinjer!

“Home is not a building, Home is liberty, A place where memories live, In prosperity and peace, I came back home so I want my home back, I came back home so I want my home back, Don’t you leave us homeless! Don’t you leave us homeless! Homeless homeless“ Letting bassist Eugene Abdiukhanov out of

Bootleg: Jinjer in Israel!

Rewinding the tape back to 29th February 2020 at the opening night of the Pit Of Conciousness Tour and we find Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer in Israel for a full almost 80 minute set courtesy of Vidcerts Productions. The band have been working hard on their online presence of late with regular rehearsal footage appearing

Review: “Thálassa” by Delirant Chaotic Sound

An Alternative Metal band from Milan Italy, Delirant Chaotic Sound were forged in 2011 and took four years to find a stable line up to create the sound that they were looking for. Releasing their debut EP “The Ride Of Thanatos” in 2016 before a pair of stand alone singles, bassist Federico Medana, drummer Davide