The Black Map #150: Old Selves from York!

Heading from South to North for this week’s entry in our on going weekly Black Map feature that highlights all that is good in the UK Underground Metal scene and we put the pin in the atlas on the city of York. They have a scene with the likes of InVisions hailing from the territory but we’re here to talk about Old Selves, a firey quartet who blended Progressive Metalcore with Groove Metal on their debut EP “Two Minds“. That saw release on 1st January 2021, starting the new year with a new chapter for a band who had been around a little while but only released a couple of singles to that point. Originally a covers band, they launched their ship into the ocean with “Strength in Four“, a song which they affectionately called “the birth song” when we interviewed them around the EP release and since have been developing their sound with programming buried into the mix. So the question really isn’t where they are now, but where they will go from here as they impressed us with that EP but their riff library is growing by the day. Perhaps optimistically, Old Selves have loaded their Smith and Wesson with six shows for a July summer tour so should everything go to plan, keep your eyes peeled for those.

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