The Black Map #238: Hedra from Norwich!

There are a few bands on Planet Metal who are a little bit… shall we say that they don’t want to be know as being from where they’re from. Bands from Basingstoke hailing Reading as their home, bands from Wycombe talking that outskirts of London game. But for Hedra, a going concern since 2014 centred around the writing partnership of vocalist Jim Marten and guitarist Kamil Korsak, they keep it honest. Much like their music. Joined by guitarist Zoran Gyenis, bassist Lukas Mozdzenski and drummer James Redden, the Norwich quintet play what we’ve described as dirge riff laden Groove Metal in the vein of 2000’s bands like Dry Kill Logic, early Drowning Pool or supergroup Medication with hints of Grunge influence in cuts like “Stolen”. Introducing themselves to an unsuspecting World with five singles from 2019 to 2021 including the much loved “Polaris” and “Broken Bones“, the band returned in 2022 fresh for the fight with EP “The Pecking Order” dropping via Devils Clause Records in November. Showcasing some impressive clean sung vocal talents from Marten, they will be breaking faces across the country in 2023.

Catch Hedra live in 2023

11 & 12/02 – Birmingham, Hammerfest XIV
25/02 – Brentwood, SX Winterfest 2023
17/03 – Leicester, The Metal Monocle

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