The Black Map: #3 Osiah from Sunderland!

Heading from Armagh in Ireland to Sunderland in the North East, we continue our journey across the UK cities Black Map. In August 2016, Metal Hammer published this article saying that Sunderland’s Osiah are the heaviest band in the UK. Their unrelenting Deathcore sound runs throughout their 2016 independent release “Terror Firma” and while the guitar work is imaginative and the drum work is phenomenal, the band match their balls out aggression with a element that is often missing – fun. Osiah make other metal bands look like swamp water to their neat Bourbon. Frontman Ricky Lee Roper is probably the best Deathcore vocalist in the UK. His phenomenal range from shrill screams and grisly gutturals to pig squeals is enough to make your brain haemorrhage or your rectum gain hemorrhoids. Want some evidence? Check out “Plague World” from “Terror Firma”. The band are on tour with Harbinger throughout April.

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