The Black Map #163: Viatorem from London!

This is your God, We have rendered obsolete, Your church and idols, Will burn in one fatal sweep In the ashes of this purgatory, Return the freedom of self-determination

Another trip to the capital of this green and pleasant land will be our last for a while given the wealth of talent that remains yet to be charted outside of the congestion zone in our weekly guide to the lesser lights of heaven otherwise known as The Black Map. We call it our black book, a guide to largely unsigned underground Metal bands that are deserving of much needed love and attention because they bring the riffs, the lyrics and rhythmical battery to knock your front teeth out with a mean left hook. So after the bulls*** and what not, it’s time to talk about Viatorem. Carving themselves a niche they like to call Progressive Hardcore they dropped “No Saviours No Kings” in 2020 and then followed it up with a double A side in April this year that includes a cover of our favourite Rage Against The Machine cut, mixed and mastered at Sphynx Studios by the absolute legend that isĀ  Wynter Prior (Wounded Not Dead). Inspired by the likes of Thy Art Is Murder, Malevolence and Vein to name but a few, they may not be breaking new ground in the Metallic Hardcore World, but then they don’t need to because what they create is a musical sledgehammer to the skull that intelligently explores themes on the dark side of humanity from religious decay to political injustice and the struggles we face day to day within the systems that those in power have created to feed themselves while others starve. Very much thinking Mans Metal that gives you something to snap your neck to before provoking your mind on your journey home from the gig.

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