The Black Map #194: Xenarch from Wigan!

Occasionally during the feature we like to call The Black Map, that puts the spotlight on a few of the lessee lights of heaven in the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene, we like to raise the prospect of a blast from the past and in the case of Xenarch from Wigan, those words are very much literal. An ultrablack project, the work of P. Emerson Williams (Choronzon, Veil Of Thorns, Kkoagulaa) and Ferenc Teglas (Dead Skull), they take their name from an isolationist warp-worshiping Xenos species from the world of Warhammer 40k fantasy. The Xenarch are the creators of a rifle sized Xenarch death-arc, an electrical weapon capable of unleashing a series of arching bolts of lightening that blast the intended target to pieces. A wise choice of name, it depicts the sound of the band perfectly as they obliterate your ear drums with a highly consentrated dose of abrasive noise, the combination of extreme Industrial Noise and Black Metal that is used to torture prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and make the sleep deprived confess. Seek this deprivation and you will find a pair of albums in “The Burning Of Idols” and “Devourers Of The Living” including such time honoured classics as “Centuries Of Pain” and “The Tatters Ov The King“. Be warned. Hell awaits.


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