The Black Map #206: Collapse The Sky from Norwich!

Travelling from Glasgow to Norwich for today’s entry on our Black Map of the UK Metal Underground scene that provides an introduction to some of the lesser lights of heaven, bands you may not have heard of before and that could be your next favourite thing, we meet Luke Fowler, Karl Morse, David Lawrence, Flynn Green and Lee Margallian who form the much loved Collapse The Sky, a Metal band based in Norwich and keen to take over the airwaves. They began their adventures in 2016 with a trip the final of Metal to the Masses that saw them narrowly miss out on a slot at the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock on the back of their very well received debut album “Se7en Eyes“. That only served to enhance their reputation for raw, high octane live performances before the natural progression of 2018’s “Consumed” not only saw critical acclaim but also opened doors to shows with Heart Of A Coward, Arcaeon and Exist Immortal as they expanded their horizons while giving them big single “Tabular Rasa (Disambiguation)“. Not prepared to do anything by half instead of dropping singles and EPs the band ploughed on through the winter of discontent and in February 2022 dropped third album “White Flags” before once again trying their luck at this year’s incarnation of Metal to the Masses. It’s less of a lottery than you’d think but be warned, there will be stiff competition.

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