The Black Map #244: Wolves In Winter from Bradford!

Disregarding the Sunday morning hangover jokes that this piece usually carries and replacing it with mention of how venues taking merch cuts from bands is wholly unacceptable seems more far more appropriate as Syndol and coffee can fix one but not the other. Unless you’re pouring scalding hot coffee on those who are asking 25% plus (we’ve seen reports of as much as 47%) however violence that isn’t in the Mosh pit isn’t really to be condoned, even if it does make you feel better. Anyway we digress. This feature is about placing the spotlight on the lesser lights of the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene and making sure that they get the attention they deserve.

Like a fine wine or whiskey some things take a little time to mature and develop the right flavours. Having announced themselves with a fanfare and pair of singles in “Promise of Gold” and “Sobering Thought“, the later of which a near eight minute magnum opus on 1st January 2022, Bradford based Sludge infused Doom Metal act Wolves In Winter made us wait 419 days before giving us their debut album. Recorded by Chris Fielding (Conan, Urne, Boss Keloid) at Foel Studio and released via Argonauta Records, “The Calling Quiet” finds members past and present from Solstice, Lazarus Blackstar, Monolith Cult and Slammer joining forces to create six cuts that span a total of 41 minutes. As a collective the band do something seemingly impossible, creating music that is both intricate and yet bludgeoning, sensitive and brutal. They may not be young anymore but it seems you can teach an old wolf new tricks, so we recommend a little bit of “Nemesis” for you to metaphorically dip your toes in the dark waters…

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