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Review: “…And The Void Stared Back” by Vigil

Once key members of Onera, Justin Christian and Craig Simas had a vision for a heavier, more aggressive but also beautiful and emotionally raw sound to take into their next project together. To accomplish that vision they made the decision to have two bass players and summoned forth Joe Davis of A World Worth Burning,

NEWS: Sarajah offer riffs fit for worship!

Finnish Doom Metallers Sarajah have announced their signing with Italian label Argonauta Records for their debut album to be released in Spring 2024. Formulating a sound based on heavy Iommian riffs and inspired by seminal acts like Black Sabbath, Trouble and Saint Vitus, the band bring forth themes of nature and mythology strongly rooted in

NEWS: Origod spread their wings and take to flight…

After a lengthy period of social media silence Italian Post-Metal quintet Origod have announced their return with a new single titled “Icarus“. That’s the first from a new album “Impression” completed at Redwood Recording Studio to be released via Argonauta Records on 20th March. Its the first from a new line up as  2021 saw

The Black Map #275: Fraught from Dublin!

When you think of the capital city of Ireland, what is it that springs to mind? Dublin is of course the home of our favourite black brew Guinness, the Irish Whiskey Museum and of course a castle but none of those things are what this feature is all about. Instead we set our sights on

NEWS: Zombie Eater sacrifice “Dank Ritual”!

Helsinki Finland based Sludge Metal trio Zombie Eater have announced they have inked a deal in blood with Argonauta Records to release their debut album “Faces” in 2024. A highly anticipated record, it follows a pair of well received EPs in 2018’s “Slumberjack” and 2020’s “Greenskeeper” with which they marked their territory with sticky riffs

Review: “Sulphur” by Infection Code

After a five album run with Argonauta Records, Italian Death Thrash enthusiasts Infection Code have taken a death defying leap of faith to Time To Kill Records for the release of their ninth full-length studio album “Sulphur”. Arising from the black depths just twelve months after the well received “Alea Iacta Est” it marks their first work

NEWS: Unverkalt feed the mass hysteria?

Inspired by the darker side of the 1970s, German Greek Post-Metal collective Unverkalt unveiled “A Lump of Death: A Chaos of Dead Lovers” on October 20th via Argonauta Records. Influenced by European cinema, art movements and human experiences the band have created something more Avant-Garde for their sophomore album, with a distinct cinematic character and

NEWS: The Crotals swim through the mud…

Featuring guest appearances from Doc Chapute from Rorcal, Michael Schindl from Impure Wilhelmina, Danek (ex Unfold), Karine Guignard from la Gale and Denis Corboz as the Trumpet Master, “Conjure” is the forthcoming album from Swiss Post-Hardcore infused Sludge Metal outfit The Crotals. It will break through the ice on 24th November via Argonauta Records, the

NEWS: Fraught announce “Transfixed on Dying Light”!

Formed in 2018 from the ashes of Coldwar, Warpath, Mortichnia, Wound Upon Wound and Slave Zero, Irish Extreme Metal act Fraught have announced they have inked a deal with Argonauta Records to release “Transfixed on Dying Light” set to be released on 24th November. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Shaun Cadogan at Last Light Recordings

Review: “The Morbidious One” by Columbarium

Written and recorded over a three month period between April and July 2022, it was another seven month before the mix and production was finished by Lander Cluyse from Hearse Studio (Amenra, Aborted) for “The Morbidious One“, the debut album of Belgian Doom Metal quartet Columbarium. A month later they had inked a deal with