The Black Map #181: Aeons from the Isle Of Man!

Taking the guide book and throwing it out of the nearest open window, Aeons are a Progressive Technical Metal quintet who instead chose to go with with flow and cut their own path through the overgrowth. They are able to do that thanks to their dedication to their craft as they ably amalgamate the light and the shade, creating atmosphere by burring the lines with acoustic and electric transitions, moving from moments of clarity to discordance and blast beats and being happy to have extended passages of instrumentation that and spice and variety. Where their influences show through the band take a leaf from current genre pioneers like Rivers Of Nihil and incorporate Jazzy flourishes of sublime glory.


Earlier this summer Justin Wallace (Drums), Skippy Hilton (Vocals) and Joe Holland (Bass) with both Si Harvey and Scott Sayer (Guitars and Vocals) released their sophomore album “Consequences“, a beast two years in creation and the follow up to 2019’s critically acclaimed “A Tragic End“. Knowing that they had set the benchmark high, they took their time to get it right and landed an album that defies the laws of physics, following  the likes of American counterparts Veil Of Maya and Born Of Osiris in backing substance over style to  deliver a wealth of enthralling tunes…

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