The Black Map #255: One Last Day from Berkshire! (Summer Bash V Edition)

The four winds of plague and pestilence have died down, the Winter of discontent has long passed and the hope of Spring is now in the rear view mirror as the heat of Summer is upon us. The warmth of the sun’s rays will only intensify for the next few months, until things reach critical mass on the hottest day of the year. For those who don’t know, that Saturday 22nd July as Reading Facebar is reduced to rubble by no less than eleven bands at this year’s incarnation of Mercury Well‘s Summer Bash. The fifth anniversary promises to be a Hawaiian themed beach party like no other and so once again we tell you why you should snap up the hottest ticket in town…

Tape It Shut
One Last Day
Black Emerald
Hundred Year Old Man
Tribe Of Ghosts
Mercury’s Well
Perp Walk

So without further ado, to the main event of this article and what the headline is all about. Who the f*** One Last Day are and why should you get yourself, your friends, family and anyone else you can think of (probably draw the line at the homeless dude on the corner) down to Summer Bash V to see them?

One Last Day are a band available in two flavours, either as an acoustic trio or as a five piece, formed of former members of Bad Solution, Ghost In The Static, Dark Karma Soul and Silvatone. Sitting in the void between Hard Rock and Metal (think “Black” album era Metallica or “Dysfunction” era Staind) while being signed to Earache Records Digital Distribution and Split Screen Management, they droped their debut album “Chapter 1: The End Is The Beginning” in December of 2021. Flirting with emotive lyrics, big riffs, Progressive Metal moments and even Misstiq they followed that with a run of stand alone singles, never afraid to revisit for an acoustic rendition or alternative version. The skills of Loki Films have been ultized to the fullest for a music video for one of their finest moments in “This Bottle Got Me“, which leans on the influences of Soundgarden and Alice In Chains for a captivating meloncholic meandering. So go check them out and for goodness sake do your ear drums a favour and get yourself a ticket for Summer Bash V!

Want a ticket for Summer Bash V? You can find yours here

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